SSFIV: Cody, Adon and Guy asset blowout

Capcom’s clearly taking the addition of Cody, Adon and Guy in Super Street Fighter IV seriously. A ton of screens and art have just gone up on Unity, and they’re really lovely. Look now.The game’s Japanese site also now has the characters at pride of place, and there are more bits of art and shots […]

11 years ago

Guy headlines

  • Cody, Adon, Guy in SSFIV

    Famitsu’s outed Adon and Final Fight’s Cody and Guy as playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV.The trio last appeared together in Street Fighter Alpha 3, according to this Siliconera report.Hit the link for shots.

    11 years ago
  • Gamers raise $3,000 to fly Gabe Newell to Australia

    In brief: Gabe Newell apparently jokingly told a guy he’d take a look at his Left 4 Dead campaign if he flew him and Erik Johnson to his home. In Australia.Guy immediately got on it. And raised the cash in under three days.“The English language lacks the words to express the level of excitement Erik […]

    11 years ago