Guns Of Icarus

PlayStation Experience indies round-up: Flipping Death, Lost Soul Aside, Jupiter & Mars, Iconoclasts, Moonlighter, tons more

It wouldn’t be PSX without a look at some of the lovely indie titles coming to PlayStation 4.

3 years ago

Guns Of Icarus headlines

  • Guns of Icarus: Online cinematic trailer released

    Muse Games has announced Guns of Icarus: Online, the sequel to the original dieselpunk shooter that have players flying about in planes and zeppelins shooting each other. The game focuses on multiplayer airship combat with players filling different roles on the ships carrying out various duties.You can get an idea of all this through the […]

    9 years ago
  • Indie and other games of interest: Jack the Ripper, Prinny 2, more

    Not too much this week for this post, so don’t go into it expected a massive wall of text and tags – sorry to say.Still, there’s a bit below the page break such as demos, Steam offerings, content updates, news on Prinny 2 and other stuff regarding games that normally bypass the front page.Click onward […]

    11 years ago