News from Japan: Final Fantasy meets Everybody’s Golf, Persona 3 & 5 dance games get social links, New Gundam Breaker drops SD Gundam

We’ve been digging around the news form Japan to bring you the latest stories from the local media.

Gundam headlines

  • Free-to-play Gundam shooter coming to PSN

    Namco Bandai is taking a bold step into the console free-to-play space with a licensed multiplayer shooter.

  • Monday Shorts II - Gundam, Gallagher, Dragon Quest TV

    Mid-afternoon snacks to go with your cuppa.

  • New Gundam project revealed, Level-5 involved in it

    Coro Coro Comics seems to have leaked the Gundam project which Namco Bandai was teasing earlier this week.

  • E3 Shorts: Day One, Part One

    Loads of tiny bits to drive you into a frenzy of anticipation. Pictures of press badges! Photos of closed doors! Rumours of typically awful Nintendo presentations! It’s all here.

  • 30th anniversary Gundam game announced for PS3

    Given the choice between an 18-meter-tall, solid steel, mist-emitting statue carved in your image and a PS3 game, which would you rather receive as an anniversary gift? Well, if you’re the Gundam franchise, you’re getting both, which is really the only correct answer when faced with such a question. Kotaku reports that the PS3 game […]

  • Soul Calibur IV wins for Namco in Q4

    Namco Bandai slipped out its financial results while the Acti Blizz Q4 call was in full swing last night, revealing Soul Calibur IV as its best seller in its fourth quarter. The company closed out Q4 with a net income of ¥9,019,000,000 ($100 million), with global sales figures for the following games being posted: Soul […]