Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero: World Tour compatible with Rock Band instruments

Activision’s GH: World Tour may be an open declaration of war against Harmonix, but at least consumers aren’t getting caught in the crossfire. According to MTV Multiplayer, Activision has officially announced the game to be compatible with Rock Band’s set of instruments. Currently, only the Xbox 360 version is confirmed as blanketed by this happy […]

Guitar Hero: On Tour headlines

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades for DS in September

    Nintendo announced a sequel to Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS this evening. According to PocketGamer, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades will be released in September. More through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour sells 300,000 units in a week in NA

    Activision has announced that Guitar Hero: On Tour has sold over 300,000 units in its first week, making it a North American retail sales record. Congratulations, etc. Full press release through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • European Guitar Hero: On Tour track listing revealed

    This makes us want to kill people, but acting like a simpleton to shit music may be just up your alley. Eurogamer’s posted the track listing to the European version of Guitar Hero: On Tour, the DS version of Activision’s rhythm action juggernaut. Read it over there. Game’s out next month.

  • Excrutiating Guitar Hero: On Tour launch trailer released

    After the break. Words fail us. The game’s out on July 18 in Europe.

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour site launches

    Woo! Want to make yourself look like a navel-gazing child? Yah, man! Then this is the site for you! Activision’s launched its site for Guitar Hero: On Tour, ably showing why any reasonable should hate the game with every fibre of their being. Just saying. Take a look. It’s out next month.

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle dated for Europe

    The Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle announced in the US earlier this week is shipping on July 18 in Europe. The package hits America a month earlier, on June 22. Press release after the link.

  • US getting Guitar Hero DS bundle on June 22

    According to this Joystiq story, a Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle is to release in the US on June 22. An official price for the package, which will include a new black and silver DS Lite branded with the Guitar Hero logo, has not yet been announced. Apparently, though, Toys ‘R’ Us listed the […]

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour video explains how to lose all self-respect

    Activision’s released a new promo video fro Guitar Hero: On Tour, explaining how the rhythm action game’s DS version works in details and ably illustrating why the “younger generation’s” ignominy is now complete. You activate your rock mode thing in the title by shouting “rock out” into the console’s microphone. Just pathetic. It’s out this […]

  • Activision financials: DS bundle for Guitar Hero: On Tour

    Speaking in an investor call after the announcement of record financials last night, Activision execs confirmed that a DS bundle with the upcoming handheld version of Guitar Hero – Guitar Hero: On Tour – will be released when the game launches on June 22 in the US. No specific date has yet been given for […]

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour fact sheet

    We’re not going to lie: we hate Guitar Hero. We are, however, in a clear minority. Therefore, here’s a sheet of information about the DS version, Guitar Hero: On Tour, which, apparently, is a “handheld rockathon”. Read it yourself.

  • Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions

    1up’s gone live with a heap of impressions from last week’s Nintendo Media Summit in the US. They did it first, so they get the links. Look: LostWinds! FFCC: My Life as a King Guitar Hero: On Tour LostWinds Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Samba de Amigo Boom Blox Update: Here’s Eurogamer’s stuff. So that’s […]

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour is $50, says Amazon

    According to this, Guitar Hero: On Tour, the DS version of Activision’s mind-numbingly popular rhythm action game, has been priced at $50 by Amazon in the US. This isn’t confirmed, obviously, and the chances of it being even close to that in value in the UK are next to zero. The game releases this summer.

  • Guitar Hero DS revealed - shots, details, video

    Wow. Check this out. The DS version of Guitar Hero – Guitar Hero: On Tour – will come with a fret device that slots into DS’s GBA cart port. The game will include a line-up of more than 20 licensed songs from bands as Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt. The multiplayer stuff sounds awesome: […]

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour details this week

    In just two days time Guitar Hero: On Tour – the DS version of Activision’s stupidly popular rhythm action game – is going to be officially unveiled. The news comes via French site who seems certain that it’s all going to happen on March 19. We’ll be moving back from the edge of our […]