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  • CoD4 tops Live play yet again

    For the week ending February 17, Call of Duty 4 was yet again to most played game on Live. We’re surprised Bungie hasn’t fallen on its plasma sword. Here’s the list: Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU’s) 1 Call of Duty 4 2 Halo 3 3 Guitar Hero III 4 Gears of War […]

  • Wireless Guitar Hero guitars dated and priced for US

    According to this, American gamers will be able to buy standalone wireless guitars for Guitar Hero III in March. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be $69, with the Wii “instrument” cost $10 less, for some reason, at $59. No idea if we’re getting these in Europe, but those addicted enough to pretending to be […]

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