Guild Wars 2: Wintersday

Guild Wars 2 ‘Wintersday’ event schedule revealed

Guild Wars 2’s ‘Wintersday’ is the festive world event kicking off from December 14th. it sees toy-maker Tixx travelling across Tyria to spread his seasonal goodwill, and along with it a schedule of events taking place across the game. Developer ArenaNet has released a full event timetable. Check it out below.

8 years ago

Guild Wars 2: Wintersday headlines

  • Guild Wars 2: Wintersday event detailed, artwork revealed

    Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet will launch a brand-new event between December 14th to January 3rd called ‘Wintersday’, a festive season that will spread across the land of Tyria. Get the details and artwork below.

    8 years ago