Guild Wars 1

Guild Wars is celebrating its ninth anniversary next week

Guild Wars is celebrating its ninth anniversary, and players of the first entry of the MMO can participate in the event come on April 22. In the meantime, players have reported bonus items are already dropping, and as of today, minigames have started. Come next week, players can take a stroll down Shing Jea Boardwalk, […]

7 years ago

Guild Wars 1 headlines

  • MMOMG - Guild Wars players log near 1.2 billion hours

    ArenaNet has announced that close to 1.2 billion hours have been spent playing Guild Wars. The actual figure currently stands at 1,172,940,800 hours, which is 133,806 years worth of playtime. We’re speechless. Guild Wars 2 releases on August 28 and the last beta weekend just finished on Sunday evening. Thanks, GamersNet.

    9 years ago