Killzone HD developers had to perform “software archeology” on original game

Killzone HD might seem like a natural evolution for many, but the team at Guerilla have had to dig deep in their cellars to reboot the game. Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw and Senior Programmer Frank Compagner, who worked on the original title, spoke about the difficulty of hunting out old assets in a […]

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  • Killzone 3 trailer details engineer class

    How many Killzone 3 trailers can we fit in before launch? At least one more, this time featuring the engineer career path for those keen on blowing up the Helghast in more creative ways.

  • Killzone developer influenced by Half-life, Uncharted

    Killzone creator Hermen Hulst has said Guerilla is strongly influenced by the storytelling of Half-Life and Uncharted, with the latter setting “a new bar”.

  • Guerilla: motion control is the future of FPS

    Killzone developer Guerilla Games is so keen on motion control that one team member has said he believes in the future all FPS titles will utilise it.

  • Killzone 3 contains eight swears

    Killzone 3 director Mathijs de Jonge has itemised Killzone 3’s instances of naughty language, and outlined the reasoning behind their infrequency.

  • Killzone 3 transforms PlayStation Home

    I don’t have any statistics to back this up, but I’d imagine that the Killzone 3 fanbase and those who regularly utilise the social space PlayStation Home are not hugely overlapping demographics. But maybe that will change now that the Central Plaza has been turned into a Killzone themed FPS. Sadly, the change is not […]

  • New Killzone 2 space coming to Home

    New Killzone 2 content is coming to Home during the later part of June. It includes the Visari Throne Room apartment which is based on Visari’s Palace from the final mission of the game, and includes Helghast architecture with the “regal aesthetic of the Autarch himself.” Furnishings consist of five pieces. Ttwo types of Visari […]

  • Killzone 2 reaches one million players online

    Killzone 2 has reached one million players online after two months on the market. Broken down, that’s approximately two-thirds of purchasers playing online matches. Look for those numbers to rise after Guerilla releases the Steel and Titanium DLC later this week. Via PS3center.

  • Killzone 2 to get patched sometime this week

    According to a post over on the Killzone 2 community site, the game will be patched to 1.21 this coming week. The option to create unranked games will also be added due to bots being abused during ranked play — should stop people from getting banned after this. Here’s a list: Increase of the standard […]

  • Killzone 2 Euro game and bundle dates confirmed [Update]

    Sony has just confirmed that Killzone 2 will be released in the UK on February 27th, the same day as the US. “You’ve known for a while now but here is official confirmation – Killzone 2 will launch in the UK on February 27th,” a Sony rep has just informed us. Just yesterday, Sony announced […]

  • Sony unveils official Killzone 2 bundle for UK [Updated]

    Sony has announced the new Killzone 2 bundle for the UK. It will be price at £299.99 and will contain an 80Gb PS3, a Dual Shock controller and of course, a copy of Killzone 2. Release date still TBC. We’re checking with Sony to confirm whether this is Europe-wide. Check out the box after the […]

  • Official Killzone 2 box art unveiled

    Sony has revealed the official box art for Guerilla Game’s mega-shooter, Killzone 2. We’re going Killzone 2 crazy at the moment and this packshot just feeds our addiction. Check it out after the break. By Mike Bowden

  • Sony says PS3 only console powerful enough for Killzone 2 as OPM UK announces first official review

    On sale Tuesday 20th January, the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK will have the first official Killzone 2 review, Future publishing announced this morning. Not only do you get a review, you get a “highly collectable” holographic wallet which has an image of a Helghast trooper on it and it also “shifts colour […]

  • Killzone 2 US demo on PSN day before launch, says Sony

    Scott Steinberg, Sony US marketeer, told MTV that everyone in the US can download the Killzone 2 demo on Feb. 26, the day before the game is released. “Offering a playable demo to motivate pre-orders speaks to our confidence in the appeal of a game such as Killzone 2,” he said. ” We take this […]

  • Eurogamer Portugal releases new Killzone 2 gameplay footage has released some new brand new gameplay footage of Guerilla Game’s Killzone 2. We’ve said pretty much all we have to say about how good we think Sony’s shooter looks and plays, and this video only supports that fact. Go watch. By Mike Bowden

  • No Killzone 2 collectors edition, says Sony

    SCEA social media manager, Jeff Rubenstein, has left a comment on the PlayStation Blog revealing that there will be no Killzone 2 Collector’s edition due to Guerilla focusing primarily on making the game a masterpiece. “There is no collector’s edition slated for Killzone 2,” Rubensein wrote last night. “Guerrilla Games has put all of their […]

  • New off screen Killzone 2 footage released - still looking great

    A couple of new off screen Killzone 2 videos have been released showing two rather large cut-scenes that look pretty awesome. In fact, they look just as awesome, if not more, than the five trailers that were shown at CES 09 last week. Release it now please, Sony. Game’s out end of Feb in the […]

  • Swedish site removes Killzone 2 review

    It appears the first online review of Killzone 2 published by Swedish site, GP (Gothemburg Post) that we told you about this morning has been taken down. The review, which awarded the game 4/5, was the first on the web but has now been removed to what VG247 understands to be a break in embargo. […]

  • First online review of Killzone 2 awards game 4 out of 5 [Update]

    Swedish site GP has published what appears to be the first online review of Killzone 2, and has awarded the game 4 out of 5. The reviewer sums things up thus: [Translated from Swedish] The controls are good and the environments feel natural, raw and uncouth and that’s where Killzone 2 succeeds compared to many […]

  • 5 new Killzone 2 movies are positively stunning

    In what can only be described as a CES 09 Killzone 2 media blowout, five new gameplay trailers for the Guerilla super-shooter have crept their way off the show floor and onto the internets. Amongst gunplay and cut scenes, you can even see a whole building completely collapse (4th video down) as just as we […]

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