Guardian Hearts

Guardian Hearts Online: 14 PS Vita screens emerge

Guardian Hearts Online – Q Entertainment’s free-to-play PS Vita RPG – has just received an official batch of screens.

9 years ago

Guardian Hearts headlines

  • Free-to-play RPG Guardian Hearts headed to Vita

    Q Entertainment has announced Guardian Hearts Online a free-to-play RPG for the Vita, coming to Japan some time this month. Andraisang reports the game is likely a port of mobile effort Guardian Hearts, and only the second free-to-play game to grace Sony’s new portable to date. You probably know Q Entertainment best from Lumines and […]

    9 years ago
  • Q trademarks Guardian Hearts

    Q has trademarked something called Guardian Hearts, reports Siliconera.As the site points out, Q isn’t “trademark-happy” compared to other publishers, and has only applied for six since it opened: Meteos, Q? (the company logo), Lumines, Every Extend Extra, Genki Rockets and Guardian Hearts.We love you, Mizuguchi. Make something good.

    12 years ago