Gta Iv: The Lost And Damned

Rumour: Lost and Damned sold 1 million

Variety, citing a “good source,” is rumouring that GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned has sold around 1 million units since it released in February. Analyst Michael Pachter has already put the same figure on the download, speaking at the beginning of March. Pachter estimated sales would reach 2 million by the end of […]

Gta Iv: The Lost And Damned headlines

  • February NPD - The Lost and Damned "would have outsold Killzone 2" at retail

    While we still don’t know exactly how many copies of GTA: The Lost and Damned were downloaded last month, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said last night that the figure was more than that achieved by Killzone 2 at retail – 323,000. The exec told Gamasutra the DLC was “the most successful game add-on content we’ve ever […]

  • EEDAR: The Lost and Damned to generate $40 million in revenue

    EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has predicted that GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned will bring in some $40 million in revenue. Currently, Divnich guessed, the content is selling at a 6:1 ratio of download to retail, a gap the analyst expects “to grow even larger as digitally distributed games don’t have to succumb to […]

  • Rockstar: GTA IV censorship is an "error," will be fixed "within hours"

    Rockstar has issued a statement to VG247 confirming that some versions of GTA IV have been censored by the game’s latest title update, and that the “error” is to be fixed immediately. “We are aware of an error with the latest GTA IV title update and are confident the issue will be fixed within the […]

  • Rumour: The Lost and Damned cuts blood pools and more from GTA IV

    A string of forum reports are claiming the adding The Lost and Damned to your copy of GTA IV in Europe means edits are made to the original game. Blood pools underneath bodies have apparently magically disappeared in Europe, and camera angles have been cut from prostitute “experiences”. American copies are apparently unaffected. There’s a […]

  • The Lost and Damned passes Oz censors unscathed

    GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned has been passed without edits in Australia, IGN reports. The contents features explicit sex scenes with prostitutes and full frontal male nudity. The original GTA IV was originally refused classification in Australia by the ACB (formerly the OFLC) specifically because of the sex scenes with prostitutes. The Lost […]

  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned goes live

    Rockstar’s released The Lost and Damned, GTA IV’s first major piece of DLC, as you can see here. The content’s priced at 1,600 MS Points, and features around 10 hours of gameplay. You need the original GTA IV disc in the drive to play it, remember, and it’s a 360-only thing. Just in case you’d […]

  • Lost and Damned Avatar clothing available now

    To celebrate the release of GTA IV’s first major bit of DLC this morning, Microsoft’s put out a Lost and Damned Avatar clothing pack. Just to get you in the mood. Here’s what you get. It’s all free. Guys: Rocker Jacket Pixie Boots Grunge Pants Metal Combats Top Hat Skull Ring Leather Biker Gloves Left […]

  • The Lost and Damned goes live at 8.00am GMT

    GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned will be available for download this morning at 8.00am GMT. That’s 3.00am EST, if that’s where you are, or midnight on the West Coast. We’ll let you know when it’s gone up.

  • The Lost and Damned reviews go live

    The first wave of reviews for The Lost and Damned, GTA IV’s first piece of 360 DLC, has gone live. Everything so far below. Post in the comments if you want something added. TVG – 10 TeamXbox – 9.7 Eurogamer – 8 IGN – 8.6 Kikizo – 9 Gamespot – “Downloadable content isn’t something that […]

  • Man gets cock out in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned [Update]

    Update – There’s video of it after the break. Yep, that’s what it says. Kikizo’s reporting that GTA IV’s first bit of DLC features an actual penis. Well, a virtual penis, but you know what we mean. We can hear the Daily Mail’s twitching heart from here. Full details after the break. Be warned. There’s […]

  • The Lost and Damned strategy guide out next Friday

    The BradyGames Lost and Damned strategy guide’s releasing on February 20, the company confirmed today. Buy it and you’ll have: Complete walkthrough to all new missions “In-depth” area maps Listing of all weapons and vehicles “Expert” multiplayer strategy Price: £8.99 The first episode of 360’s exclusive GTA IV DLC launches tomorrow.

  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets launch trailer

    After the break. The hugely anticipated piece of GTA IV DLC launches tomorrow for 360. As you can see from the movie, it’s looking none too shabby.

  • Rockstar: We've made a full game in The Lost and Damned

    Rockstar dev boss Jeronimo Barrera has confirmed that GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned – releasing tomorrow – is at the limit of Live’s file-size restriction, and should be considered a full game. “There’s nothing ever been out like it,” Barrera told Major Nelson in the first section of a two-part audio interview. “We’ve […]

  • GTA IV Lost and Damned 360 unwrapping "psyches" people in car

    God. Just because. After the break’s a video of some people de-boxing a limited edition, hand-painted Lost and Damned 360 Elite in a car. Apparently only 190 of these were made and, obviously, you can’t buy them. You win them. There’s more on Engadget.

  • Lost and Damned soundtrack puts emphasis on death metal, Statik Selektah

    As seen on MTV, Rockstar’s $20 GTA IV expansion is adding at least $20 worth of family-wrecking devil music. Maybe even enough to wreck two or three families, if you’re lucky. Radio stations Liberty City Hardcore (death metal), The Beat (hip-hop), Radio Broker (indie), and Liberty Rock Radio (take a guess) will all add new […]

  • Live goes free for Lost and Damned

    Microsoft’s making Live play available for all those buying GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned later this month. Anyone will be able to play the add-on online, regardless of Live status, from February 17-22. Great news if you’re still to make the jump to Gold membership. The Lost and Damned required the full GTA […]

  • Left 4 Dead and GTA IV DLC on GTTV tonight

    Tonight’s GameTrailers TV episode is to feature footage of GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned, as well as a first look at Left 4 Dead’s now-announced Survival Pack content. It’s going live at 1.00am PST, with is 9.00am GMT for the Britishers in the crowd. More here. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets playtest netsplosion

    Rockstar’s lifted a playtest embargo on GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, meaning 3,000 websites have gone live with simultaneous impressions. The content – exclusive to 360, in case you’d forgotten – will release on Febuary 17. As all these articles will tell you repeatedly. For ease, some links. Play spot the difference. CVG Gameplayer […]