Gta Iv. Launch

GTA IV launch photo from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Another GTA IV midnight launch shot, this time from Xbox360Fanboy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is probably our favourite so far: the bathos, the boredom, the way the guy at the yellow t-shirt’s eyes say, “I’m going to kill you.” Best one yet. It’s on the list.

13 years ago

Gta Iv. Launch headlines

  • GTA IV launch photos from Las Vegas, Georgia and Massachusetts

    Chris Ainsworth, Petroglyph’s community manager, just dropped us a link to his shots from the midnight opening of his local GameStop in Las Vegas. Awesome men in queues pics there, so many thanks for that, Chris.“I just dropped by to grab pictures,” he said. “Too many games on the play list right now to consider […]

    13 years ago