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  • GTA Chinatown Wars - the full intro

    The entire intro of GTA Chinatown Wars has popped up on YouTube: watch it after the break, should you feel the need. We’re not going to spoil anything for you, just in case, but suffice it to say this looks bloody amazing for a DS game. As you’d expect. It’s out next week. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • Chinatown Wars video shows Dealing and Delivering

    Rockstar’s released a new gameplay clip from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which will be land March 17 on DS. The clip, “Dealing and Delivering,” gives players a look at what moving goods around Liberty City will be like for protagonist Huang Lee after hitting the streets on the order of his uncle, Wu ‘Kenny’ […]

  • Rockstar details a bit of Chinatown Wars' soundtrack

    Rockstar’s released a bit of information on soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which will “capture the spirit” of the franchise’s genres and stations over the years. Original music for stations includes: Electro-Choc, IF99, Tuff Gong, The Beat and Radio Broker. This mixture has been hand-selected by Deadmau5, Truth & soul, Ticklah, Prairie Cartel […]

  • Take-Two: "We're the right company for mature content on DS, Wii"

    Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said in the firm’s Q1 earnings call today that mature content on Nintendo platforms is something he’s going to do well. Go, Strauss. “I do believe there is an opportunity for M-rated titles on Nintendo,on the DS and on the Wii,” he said. “I believe we’re the right company to be […]

  • Chinatown Wars promo pokes fun at bank bailout

    Never one to shy away from topical humor, Rockstar has put out a new Chinatown Wars promo poking fun at the recent bank bailout, saying that only “corporate criminals” get handouts. Youch! The small commercial was made exclusively for GameStop. Watch through the jump.

  • Nintendo isn't threatened by iPhone or PSP

    Speaking to IGN, Denise Kaigler, Nintendo’s vice president of corporate affairs, has said the company sees zero threat in iPhone or PSP, because is applauds “any device that spurs interest in on-the-go gaming, because that helps expand a form of entertainment that has always been one of our core strengths”. Kaigler went on to say […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars to have "replay feature," co-op

    The upcoming GTA: Chinatown Wars is to have a “replay feature,” according to a flyer handed out on the DS game at Comic Con this weekend. The game will also have head-to-head and co-op options, as well as stat tacking and leaderboards. Looks like it may well be time to dust off your little white […]

  • New York Comic Con - All the previews

    New York Comic Con’s now well under way, and a bunch of big-name hands-ons got posted overnight. You may want to read them. You are, therefore, in luck. Sorry, we’re just writing words for the sake of it. Looks as though plenty of that’s been done already: Wolverine Claws of Olympus hands-on (Joystiq) GTA Chinatown […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars playable at Comic Con

    GTA: Chinatown Wars will be playable at New York’s Comic Con this weekend, according to this Kotaku story. The DS game will be found at Rockstar’s booth, #1563. We suspect this may be a popular exhibit, so if you’re going to bother trying to get close to it take a bat, or something.

  • GTA Chinatown Wars shots show talking, scowling

    Rockstar put out a bunch of new GTA DS shots this afternoon, and it’s all looking like serious business to us. Get the lot from NintendoEverything. If explosions, flamethrowers and looking downright mean are your bag, you’re in luck. It’s out on March 20.

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars delayed, GTA IV DLC gets rough January date

    According to this Gamespot report, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said at the BMO Capital Market 2008 Interactive Entertainment Conference today that GTA: Chinatown Wars had been pushed back into the firm’s second fiscal quarter, running February to April next year. No reason was given for moving the DS game back. That’s not the best bit, […]

  • Sun reports "fury" over GTA DS drug dealing

    The Sun’s run the headline “Fury over drug deal vid game” in response to the fact that GTA: Chinatown Wars has a drug dealing mini-game. Obviously. “Anything using drug-dealing as entertainment is sending out the wrong message,” Darren Gold of charity Drugsline told the paper. “Glamorisation doesn’t help our work trying to educate kids of […]

  • Wii GTA "didn't feel natural" to Rockstar

    GTA: Chinatown Wars is on DS because Wii wasn’t the way to go on Nintendo platforms, according to Dan Houser. Speaking to Nintendo Power, the Rockstar boss answered the question of why he didn’t take the series to Wii before DS thus: It didn’t feel natural to us, I guess. It really was that the […]

  • GameStop conference rumours: New Indy shown next week, GTA DS, more

    1UP’s posted a heap of rumours from the GameStop retail conference in Las Vegas, including a nice bit about the new Indiana Jones game. And here they are: Indiana Jones – First trailer of new PS3 and 360 game to be shown next week. Apparently it uses the Force Unleashed engine and will release next […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars confirmed for fiscal 2009

    Take-Two just confirmed that GTA: Chinatown Wars will ship in fiscal 2009, the 12 months beginning November 1 this year. The news came as part of a financial statement detailing the firm’s third quarter for fiscal 2008.

  • Rumour: GTA: Chinatown Wars to contain more than 70 missions

    According to this Gamesblog.UGO piece, a reader has just taken part in a survey related to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the DS GTA game announced in the Nintendo press conference at E3. This is rumour central, but the game is said to contain “70+ missions, 20+ hours of straight gameplay—with significant replayability on top […]

  • New GTA DS official site displays Wi-Fi connection badge

    The official site for GTA: Chinatown Wars has launched, and although there isn’t much to look at right now, there is the inclusion of the light blue Wi-Fi connection badge. Logically, this probably means you’re going to be able to play online. Thanks DSFanboy. By Mike Bowden

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