Gta Chinatown Wars Soundtrack

GTA: Chinatown Wars sells 74k in second month in US

According to NPD data, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars sold roughly the same amount as it did in its debut month: namely 74,000 units.This means that life-to-date sales in the US are now 163,000. Nintendo DS/DSi sold over one million units in America last month.Thanks, Gama.

12 years ago

Gta Chinatown Wars Soundtrack headlines

  • Rockstar details a bit of Chinatown Wars' soundtrack

    Rockstar’s released a bit of information on soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which will “capture the spirit” of the franchise’s genres and stations over the years.Original music for stations includes: Electro-Choc, IF99, Tuff Gong, The Beat and Radio Broker.This mixture has been hand-selected by Deadmau5, Truth & soul, Ticklah, Prairie Cartel and Alchemist, […]

    12 years ago