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New off-screen GT5 gameplay from TMS

GTPlanet has a couple of off-screen videos and screens of Gran Turismo 5 being played at the Tokyo Motor Show. The latest update to the demo build, which was at GamesCom in Cologne in August and at Tokyo Game Show in September, is the inclusion of the Toyota FT-86: announced earlier this week. And if […]

Gt Psp headlines

  • Sony: Gran Turismo "only possible" on PSP and PSPgo

    The spectre of ‘possibilities’ reared its ugly head again today, as Sony claimed that GT PSP, readying to launch tomorrow, could only work on its handheld offerings. “Gran Turismo – only possible on PSP and PSPgo,” it says at the end of this video ad. Is GT PSP impossible on other platforms? Do its 800 […]

  • Jay Leno says lending voice to GT PSP was "an honor"

    Former Late Night host Jay Leno told Sony during an interview for the September issue of Qore, that lending his voice to Gran Turismo PSP was “an honor” and a “big thrill” for the comedian as he is a fan of the games and a maniac car-collector. When asked about his involvment with the game, […]

  • GT PSP free with PSPgo for 10 days only

    If you’re looking to take advantage of the free GT PSP-PSPgo offer Sony announced at GamesCom – a promo that gives new PSPgo owners a complimentary copy of the game – you’re going to have to be quick: it only lasts until October 10. If you don’t buy a PSPgo between October 1-10 and download […]

  • Japan getting GT and Pro Evo 10 PSP bundles come December

    During the press conference following Kaz’s speech at TGS, Sony dropped word that two PSP-3000 bundles would be hitting Japanese retail in December. One of these is the Gran Turismo Racing Pack which includes a piano black PSP with the GT logo and “auto exhaust-inspired” titanium black buttons. Inside the bundle’s box are GT-styled accessories […]

  • GT PSP review embargo lifts, less-than-pretty scores revealed

    The GT PSP embargo just went up. We’ll add the scores below as they come in. Looks as though there might be a bit of a shock result here. The game’s out alongside PSP go on October 1. If you have a review and want your score added, just drop a link into the comments. […]

  • GT PSP reviews land at 5.00pm BST today

    The review embargo for GT PSP lifts at 5.00pm BST today. You really should be watching the mountains later on, hotshot. That’s 9.00am PST and midday EST, if you’re from the other side. This is the first major GT release since GT5 Prologue in early 2008, and it’s a hardware launch title. The beans are […]

  • GT PSP running 60fps - direct-feed movie

    Digital Foundry’s posted an excellent movie of GT PSP here. There’s no much to say, really. Polyphony in digital marvel shock. It looks pretty special. The game’s a PSP go launch title, so you’ll be able to get it on October 1.

  • New GT PSP shots are live‘s put live several new gameplay shots of GT PSP, as well as renders of cars in the game. Va-va voom, as Thierry Henry once said. Go get them through the link. It’s out on October 1st to coincide with the PSPgo launch.

  • GT PSP: Kazunori Yamauchi promises car transfers

    Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi has said that players of Grand Turismo PSP will be able to transfer cars from the handheld game to GT5. Cool. Posted after the break, the video featuring Yamauchi details the Ad-Hoc multiplayer modes (Standard, Party, and Shuffle). Apparently, Party mode balances the playing field by “sending more skilled players […]

  • UK to get a GT PSP bundle but it will be different than US one

    Sony has confirmed that the UK will receive a Gran Turismo PSP hardware bundle, but it will be different than the US one that was announced this week. No specific details on what it will include were revealed, but Sony promises an announcement soon. Hey, at least one is coming. More over on CVG.

  • GT PSP - 44 new screens

    Cars. On a PSP. Made by Polyphony Digital. Images of. They’re on Destructoid. GT PSP ships on October 1 alongside PSP Go.

  • America's PSPgo early adoption deal is Rock Band Unplugged demo

    Americans that take the plunge with a new PSPgo handset are to be given a free Rock Band Unplugged demo along with the hardware, according to this Kotaku piece. Which is great. If it wasn’t for the fact that Europeans get a free copy of GT PSP. The US offer’s a bit more than a […]

  • GT5 given "quarter four" release date in GamesCom brochure

    Sony Germany’s given GT5 a “4 Quartal 2009” date in its official GamesCom paraphernalia, as you can see on GTPlanet. The game was actual playable at the Cologne show last week. SCEE boss Andrew House told us that we’re going to see specifics on the game “very soon” in an interview at the event. Polyphony […]

  • GT PSP vs Real Life - Can you tell the difference?

    Here’s a little Monday afternoon puzzler for you: try to tell the difference between these real-life shots and bits of GT PSP art of the Corvette ZR1. GTPlanet‘s posted a comparison between the two, using press kit images from both GT PSP and the car itself. We’re stumped. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Report - GT PSP box art revealed

    The reliable’s posted up what it reckons is final box art for GT PSP. No confirmation, but looks rosy to us. It’s out on October 1.