GT Academy 2010

GT5 demo – video of our incredible driving skills

Hit the link for a video of us doing two laps in the GT Academy Time Trial demo, which releases to the public in two days.As you can see, if you were planning on seriously vying for a place in the Polyphony competition, you may as well forget it. We’ve got it wrapped up.

11 years ago

GT Academy 2010 headlines

  • GT5 Time Trial demo is only 219Mb

    The GT Academy 2010 time trial demo releasing this week costs a piffly 219Mb to download. We know because we’re doing it now.The purpose of the tester’s is to find winners for next year’s GT Academy.It hits publicly on December 17. We’ll do a movie for you in a sec.

    11 years ago
  • GT Academy 2010 Time Trial will give "first opportunity" to play GT5

    Here we go. The EU PS Blog’s just confirmed that a GT Academy 2010 Time Trial will release on December 17.As the Blog puts it, “It will be the first opportunity to get a hands-on taster as to what Yamauchi-san and his Polyphony team have been carefully crafting and polishing at their Tokyo base.”It’s not […]

    11 years ago