Gridiron Thunder

Gridiron Thunder delayed to go multiplatform

Controversial Ouya title Gridiron Thunder is going multiplatform, and has been delayed from an expected September release.

7 years ago

Gridiron Thunder headlines

  • Ouya re-works controversial Free the Games Fund as Gridiron Thunder pulls out

    Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has issued a video statement regarding the company’s controversial Free the Games Fund, which was geared towards investing in new indie projects, such as recently funded Gridiron Thunder. The scheme will now undergo a revision.

    7 years ago
  • Ouya game Gridiron Thunder dated for release after recent controversy

    Gridiron Thunder will launch later this month, after being funded through Kickstarter with the help of Ouya’s Free the Games Fund. Recently, the game’s financial backing has caused a wave of controversy, with the head of the game’s development team stating the funding was investigated and nothing sketchy was found.

    7 years ago