Sine Mora to release for PS3 via PSN “soon”

Sine Mora will not only be released on PSN for Vita “soon,” but for PS3 as well, according to a press release from Grasshopper and Digital Reality.

Grasshopper headlines

  • Grasshopper's Frog Minutes getting DeNA release in Japan

    Grasshopper will launch Frog Minutes, a previously iOS-only title that helped fund relief efforts during last year’s tsunami in Japan, will launch on social service DeNA in the country this spring. The new and improved version will launch on iOS and Android under a new joint venture between Grasshopper and DeNA, called Grasshopper Universe. Thanks, […]

  • Diabolical Pitch coming to XBLA on April 4

    Microsoft stealthy confirmed yesterday following the lifting of the Xbox Spring Showcase embargo that Grasshopper Kinect title Diabolical Pitch will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on April 4. The game was announced at TGS 2010, but was hidden under the radar until last year’s event and has started to come out of the woodwork since.

  • Diabolical Pitch captured on film from Xbox anniversary event

    New footage of Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper’s Kinect madness, has gotten out from an Xbox anniversary event in Japan, seemingly the same one where Crimson Dragon was fully unveiled. This is the first time Pitch has been seen since last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Get it below through Kotaku Japan (via Siliconera). Still no actual date […]

  • Lollipop Chainsaw is sunshine, rainbows and gore, features zombie basketball

    Grasshopper’s released a new trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw, featuring rainbows and puppies. That last part isn’t true, but the former is consistant throughout most of the trailer. There’s also ‘zombie basketball’. Watch below. The game’s out this May in Japan for PS3 and 360. It’s coming out in the west via Warner, but no date […]

  • Lollipop Chainsaw coming out in May in Japan

    This week’s Famitsu is reporting that Grasshopper’s Lollipop Chainsaw will launch in May in Japan. No exact date is given. Western publisher Warner is yet to provide a date narrower than 2012 for Europe. As well as reiterating yesterday’s news about the uncut limited edition, Famitsu also mentioned platform-specific pre-order outfits for Japan, such as […]

  • Grasshopper unveils Vita student development program

    Grasshopper Manufacture’s lifted the wraps of a brand new student development program. Called Game Campus Festa, the scheme will support eight development schools where students work on PlayStation Vita projects across Japan. Some of the projects could make make their way for public consumption via Grasshopper through digital download. More details at Andriasang.

  • Shadows of the Damned launches with dramatic trailer

    If this is the launch trailer for Shadows of the Damned, does that mean there won’t be any more? Although this latest entry is packed with drama rather than the oddball humour the game is already known for, it’s a fine swan song to an entertaining campaign. Shadows of the Damned, the latest from Grasshopper […]

  • Shadows of the Damned confirmed for Japanese release

    Despite two of the country’s biggest game developers working on the game, EA’s announced that the Suda-Mikami horror collaboration Shadows of the Damned will release in Japan. No date was given other than just a summer timeline for ¥7,665. It’ll launch in the west for PS3 and 360 on June 21. Thanks, Andriasang.

  • Love among demons: Chatting with Goichi Suda

    Killer 7, No More Heroes, and now Shadows of the Damned – we talked to Goichi Suda about the game that is and isn’t what you’d expect it to be.

  • No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise US release date announced

    Konami’s confirmed that No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise will be releasing on August 16 in North America.

  • Suda51: Dante's Inferno is "mainstream," "standard"

    Grasshopper Manufacture lead Goichi Suda has said Shadows of the Damned’s vision of hell is less generic than Visceral’s efforts in Dante’s Inferno.

  • No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise out this week, new trailer turns up

    No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, the mysteriously delayed PlayStation 3 release of the Wii original, looks to be on its way at last, if this spiffy trailer is anything to go by.

  • Goichi Suda would like a new No More Heroes

    Goichi Suda has reiterated his desire to add another entry to the No More Heroes series.

  • Grasshopper's Frog Minutes due soon, more Japan fundraising

    Goichi Suda’s studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, has announced a new iPhone game, with all proceeds to Japan relief funds – among other fundraising efforts.

  • Grasshopper Manufacture memorialises quake victims with free music release

    Goichi Suda’s studio Grasshopper Manufacture has released a trio of songs for free download to honour victims of Japan’s ongoing state of emergency.

  • Suda51: "It's not just me who's crazy"

    Speaking of the bizarre and grotesque design elements of Shadows of the Damned, Goichi Suda said he’s not solely responsible.

  • Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns dated

    EA has announced Alice: Madness Returns and Shadows of the Damned will launch in June this year.