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  • GTA: San Andreas confirmed for Xbox Originals

    Microsoft’s confirmed GTA San Andreas for release as an Xbox Original.The game will hit Xbox Live next Monday, October 20, and will cost 1,200 MS Points.Plenty more info through the link.

    12 years ago
  • Court refuses to certify Hot Coffee suit

    According to this Kotaku story, a US court has refused to certify the proposed settlement class of the Hot Coffee lawsuit as too few people were offended by the matter for it to… matter.This means that Rockstar may not have to settle the case at all.As you’ll recall, it was announced in June that a […]

    12 years ago
  • San Andreas is biggest game in American history

    According to Forbes, GTA: San Andreas is the biggest selling game in America ever. Crime pays, clearly. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (9.43 million) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (8.2 million) Madden NFL 2007 (7.7 million) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (7.3 million) Madden NFL 2006 (6.65 million) Halo 2 (6.6 million) Madden NFL […]

    12 years ago

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