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  • Report - GTA IV is the most expensive game ever made

    According to a report from Digital Battle, Grand Theft Auto IV is the most expensive game ever made.

  • Get two 360 Platinum Hits, get one free

    Amazon’s offering a third game free when you buy two Platinum Hits for Xbox 360, provided it’s an equal or lesser price then the two you’ve already picked.

  • Rockstar throwing PS3 event for GTA IV

    Rockstar’s announced that it’s holding a multiplayer event for Grand Theft Auto IV later tonight.

  • It's official - GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City coming to PS3 and PC

    Ever since their respective launches, GTA IV’s two DLC episodes have kept the GTA experience from going cold only on the Xbox 360. But no more. Today, Rockstar announced that GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City is bringing a double-helping of DLC to PS3 and PC this March.

  • GTA IV's "massive" size may put punters off DLC, says analyst

    GTA IV may be simply too large to succesfully carry DLC, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter’s told VG247, as the majority of owners never actually finish the main game. Pachter was talking in response to comments made earlier by AmTech analyst Ben Schachter (via Industrygamers and Joystiq), who expressed “concern” about the state of the GTA […]

  • Gay Tony comes out

    Nelson’s confirmed the release of GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. It’s your for 1,600 MSP. The first reviews went live last night. Get them here. Blurb, should you need it: The Ballad of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime. As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and […]

  • Gay Tony gets yet more shots

    Rockstar’s released yet more screens of the imminent Gay Tony, this time showing the eponymous club owner doing some kind of funky chicken in front of a TV. They’re on Kotaku. The GTA IV 360 DLC is actually out this week. Buy it. Relive the dream.

  • Gay Tony's sex is "quite strong"

    The BBFC’s rated GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony as an 18, saying the add-on has “quite strong sex” and “hard drug use”. Shocker. You can read the full description here, but be warned: spoilers abound. It’s out on October 29. Thanks, EG.

  • Indian gamer takes GTA IV super-play record

    Indian 26-year-old Chirantan Patnaik has taken the official Guinness world record for the longest continuous play session of GTA IV. Patnaik played the Rockstar epic for 40 hours 20 minutes at the offices of blog from September 4-6. An exercise regime of running and yoga helped him reach his goal, apparently, which beats the […]

  • GTA IV hits 360 GoD for £20

    Grand Theft Auto IV is now available for download on 360, as you can see here. The Games on Demand version of Rockstar’s opus will set you back a mere £20 and 7Gb. Bargain. If you don’t own it already, now there’s no excuse. Get to it.

  • GTA IV 360 gets update to add Gay Tony achievements

    Rockstar’s sent out an update to the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV to add in the Achievements for the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony DLC. All you need to do is stick in GTA IV into the trey, boot it up, update and bam. Gamerscore for the game now bumped up to […]

  • Basejumping and Omid Djalli both make Gay Tony

    Xbox World’s dropped new info on Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. “Dropped” being the operative word: parachutes are back. Basejumping, helicopter battles with yachts and more new weapons and new vehicles are going to be included. And that the Middle Eastern business man in the trailer is comedian Omid Djalli. The mag played […]

  • Rumour - GTA IV PS3 Platinum edition listed on Amazon

    According to a listing on, found by PS3Hype, Grand Theft Auto IV is being added as a PS3 Platinum hit. The retailer has it listed for £19.99 as the RRP on the site, and have it for release on October 30: a day after the release of The Ballad of Gay Tony and Episodes […]

  • Houser - Gay Tony must hit discs to get to "more people"

    Rockstar’s Dan Houser reckons GTA IV’s DLC episodes have to come to discs because digital distribution for larger items just isn’t there yet. “I know, as a consumer, I’m more comfortable buying songs, which are almost like playing a jukebox, than I am buying movies as purely digital items,” Houser told USA Today. “We all […]

  • Gay Tony gets two new wallpapers

    Rockstar’s released a pair of new wallpapers for The Ballad of Gay Tony: they’re the two rightmost ones here. The second part of Microsoft’s exclusive GTA IV DLC releases on October 29.

  • Rockstar: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are still 360 exclusives

    Rockstar Games has told VG247 that the two episodes of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, wont be going to the Playstation 3 and are still Xbox 360 exclusives. It comes as an SCEE community moderator, who was at GamesCom this week, reported last night […]

  • Fumito Ueda not impressed by GTA IV and Mario Galaxy

    Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda stated — in an interview with LEVEL (translated by neoGAF member “darkwings”) — that GTA IV and Mario Galaxy failed to blow him away. Talking about GTA IV, Ueda said that “the biggest problem with the game is the lack of innovative things in the game. […]

  • Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 goes Best Budget in Japan

    The PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been announced for PlayStation: The Best budget line in Japan. Think of it as part of a “Greatest Hits” collection. It will run gamers ¥3,990 ($41) and will be released on August 27. Game’s been out since October 2008 in the country. Via Kotaku.

  • Second GTA IV DLC announced, named The Ballad of Gay Tony

    Rockstar just confirmed the second piece of GTA IV DLC is called The Ballad of Gay Tony. The company also said today that both pieces of DLC, the new episode and The Lost and Damned, are going to be made available on disc. The DVD will cost $39.99 and will be a standalone product: you […]

  • Microsoft bundles Xbox 360 Elite and GTA IV in "Limited Anniversary Edition"

    Grand Theft Auto IV turned one year old today, and to celebrate, Microsoft will release a Xbox 360 Elite bundle, reports Kotaku. The Limited Anniversary Edition contains a copy of GTA IV, and two limited edition stickers featuring the GTA IV and Liberty City Swingers team logos. A code for The Lost and Damned content […]

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