Grand Slam Tennis 2

Cashing in: Grand Slam Tennis 2 aces Sydney

We sent Brenna Hillier to take down a champion in Grand Slam Tennis 2 at a launch party for the EA Sports title. On reflection, this wasn’t the best-laid plan.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 headlines

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 drops by the US Open

    Grand Slam Tennis 2 doesn’t just include one of the four famous Slams. Oh no! It’s got them all. For example: The US Open, as detailed in this new trailer.

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 introduces the Pro AI system

    The latest producer’s video for Grand Slam Tennis 2 shows off the variation among player AI, from Maria Sharapova’s “signature acoustics”, hem hem, to John McEnroe’s tantrums and Venus Williams’ defensive base line play.

  • It's EA Sports Season: Grand Slam Tennis 2 serves first

    The major sports games usually turn up later in the year, but EA Sports has a collection of big-budget titles hitting this quarter. The first off the bat – or racquet – is Grand Slam Tennis 2, a fantasy match-up of the best in the biz.

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 visits the Australian Open

    This new Australian Open-branded Grand Slam Tennis 2 trailer brings you lovingly recreated models of your favourite tennis stars – probably. Nowhere on my job description does it say “required to know anything about tennis”.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 among promised PSN demos

    The latest PlayStation Blogcast has outed a number of demos coming to the US PlayStation Network – Asura’s Wrath, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Grand Slam Tennis 2, Under Siege, and Wanted Corp. Content details were not discussed, and there’s no word on European release yet. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 gets roster unveil trailer

    GT’s posted a new trailer of Grand Slam Tennis 2 in action, confirming more than 20 of the top players of the support, past and present, in the game. Some of them mentioned in the trailer include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfried Tonga, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe and Novak […]

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 shots show Djokovic, Federer and Sharapova

    EA Sports has released a few screenshots for Grand Slam Tennis 2, which is slated for PS3 with support for Move and for Xbox 360. Slated for launch in 2012, the game will contain all the Australian, French and US Opens, as well Wimbledon. Check out shots of Djokovic, Federer and Sharapova below.

  • EA announces Grand Slam Tennis 2 for 2012 launch on PS3, 360

    EA’s announced Grand Slam Tennis 2, confirming the tennis sequel for a 2012 launch.