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Gran Turismo PSP sales top 1.8 million, full IP figures released

Gran Turismo PSP sales have exceeded 1.8 million, Polyphony Digital’s said, with franchise life-time sales passing 55 million.

Gran Turismo Psp headlines

  • SCEE: Get Bloodlines, GT, MotorStorm free with PSPgo

    Adam Grant, PSP European product manager, has announced over on the EU PS Blog that starting today, if you buy a PSPgo, or if you already have one, you can get Gran Turismo, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge or Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines to download completely free. In Germany the three games that are on offer are Gran […]

  • New off-screen GT5 gameplay from TMS

    GTPlanet has a couple of off-screen videos and screens of Gran Turismo 5 being played at the Tokyo Motor Show. The latest update to the demo build, which was at GamesCom in Cologne in August and at Tokyo Game Show in September, is the inclusion of the Toyota FT-86: announced earlier this week. And if […]

  • SCEE: PSPgo has "performed in line with our expectations"

    SCEE has said in a statement to GI that sales of the PSPgo have performed in line with their “expectations”, with sales of up 100% for PSP hardware since the Go launched on Thursday. “PSPgo has performed in line with our expectations, driving 100 per cent incremental volume for the category and has benefited the […]

  • New GT PSP shots are live‘s put live several new gameplay shots of GT PSP, as well as renders of cars in the game. Va-va voom, as Thierry Henry once said. Go get them through the link. It’s out on October 1st to coincide with the PSPgo launch.

  • GT PSP: Kazunori Yamauchi promises car transfers

    Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi has said that players of Grand Turismo PSP will be able to transfer cars from the handheld game to GT5. Cool. Posted after the break, the video featuring Yamauchi details the Ad-Hoc multiplayer modes (Standard, Party, and Shuffle). Apparently, Party mode balances the playing field by “sending more skilled players […]

  • UK to get a GT PSP bundle but it will be different than US one

    Sony has confirmed that the UK will receive a Gran Turismo PSP hardware bundle, but it will be different than the US one that was announced this week. No specific details on what it will include were revealed, but Sony promises an announcement soon. Hey, at least one is coming. More over on CVG.

  • Sony announces Limited Edition Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack

    SCEA has announced the Limited Edition Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack. The pack features an exclusive PSN voucher for a white Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a color not available in the game and only offered in this hardware package. It also includes a Mystic Silver PSP-3000 system, Gran Turismo on UMD, PSN movie voucher (title to […]

  • GT PSP - 44 new screens

    Cars. On a PSP. Made by Polyphony Digital. Images of. They’re on Destructoid. GT PSP ships on October 1 alongside PSP Go.

  • Sony's GC Press Event: Gran Turismo PSP free with registration of PSP Go in October

    More specifically, between October 1 and October 10. All you have to do is register your PSP Go and — bam — free download of Gran Turismo PSP. This isn’t just some measly demo, either. It’s the whole shebang, baby. The announcement was made during Sony’s GamesCom press event. More on the liveblog.

  • GT PSP vs Real Life - Can you tell the difference?

    Here’s a little Monday afternoon puzzler for you: try to tell the difference between these real-life shots and bits of GT PSP art of the Corvette ZR1. GTPlanet‘s posted a comparison between the two, using press kit images from both GT PSP and the car itself. We’re stumped. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Pre-order GT PSP, get bonus super-car

    Sony just announced a pre-order incentive to Gran Turismo PSP in the form of one of the game’s top cars in an exclusive colour. You’ll get a voucher which allows you to choose from a list of some of the fastest cars in the game, including the Bugatti Veyron and the Enzo. You’ll have day […]

  • New GT PSP shots come flying out

    CVG’s posted up 22 new screens of Gran Turismo PSP, which mostly consist of the Corvette ZR1, the car on the game’s boxart. Lets be honest: they look brillant. Go get the shots through the link. Game’s out on October 1.

  • GT PSP in-game trailer shows eye-bleed quality

    Polyphony’s released a trailer of in-game Gran Turismo PSP footage – watch it after the break. If you’re after very good looking cars driving around on a little screen, you’re in luck. It’s probably not going to get any better than this for a good while. The game’s a PSP Go launch title on October […]

  • See Ferrari Enzo in Gran Turismo PSPgo video

    YouTube has a video posted by Fass Extra has posted footage of of Gran Turismo on PSPgo. Notice the Ferrari Enzo in action. Looks rather nice, and it’s after the break. The link also has video of LBP on PSPgo.

  • Polyphony Digital answers questions regarding Gran Turismo PSP

    Polyphony Digital’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, answered some questions submitted by readers regarding Gran Turismo PSP over on the US PS Blog. While nothing earth-shattering was revealed, they did see fit to answer a few such as whether any DLC would be released for the game, if cars could be damaged, […]

  • Gran Turismo PSP - new screens

    IGN’s posted up a ton of new shots of the PSP version of Gran Turismo. They’re very pretty. The game’s out as a PSP Go push later this year.

  • Off-screen Gran Turismo PSP footage looks difficult to control

    Either whoever’s playing it isn’t very good, or or Gran Turismo PSP will take some mastering before you get your grinds down as you can see after the break. Visually it looks impressive but the roar of the engine can’t be heard over the E3 show floor rabble. Gran Turismo PSP releases October 1st.

  • GT PSP gets screens

    Eurogamer’s posted up shots of Gran Turismo PSP. The game was announced for an October release in Sony’s E3 pres conference today. For the rest of the news from the event, hit this.