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  • Private races and in-game chat for GT5: Prologue, says SCEA

    Speaking on the US PlayStation blog, SCEA producer Takau Imasaki has revealed that updates for GT5 Prologue are in the offing, including off-the-board races and new communications features. “Private races with buddies and in-game chat are all in the works but will not be ready from day one,” he said. “Will keep you posted on […]

  • GT5 Prologue pre-orders "almost" hit 1 million across "SCEE territories"

    Seems the previous report saying GT5 Prologue pre-orders had hit 1 million in Europe was a bit off. A SCEE rep just got back to us saying they’d “been checking this information internally and can confirm that we currently have orders for almost 1 million units of GT5 Prologue across SCEE territories.” That includes Australia […]

  • First GT5 Prologue review published, PSN download is 1.9Gb

    Here’s the review and here’s the story about the download. It gets an eight, by the way. GT5 Prologue is out in Europe on March 28.

  • GT has sold more than 48 million units, says Sony

    Missed this last week. At the bottom of all those GT5 Prologue press releases was confirmation that the franchise has now sold more than 48 million units in total. The racer, therefore, will almost certainly move past the 50 million mark with the release of Prologue in the US and Europe on April 17 and […]

  • GT5 Prologue additions confirmed for Europe, no fixed date

    It’s still just down as “March” with no definite date, according to SCEE, but the European version of GT5 Prologue will include six tracks, 71 cars, split-screen, Drift Mode, access to “Gran Turismo TV” and tuning. Key Features: The first ever Gran Turismo title with online racing: drive online against up to 16 other Gran […]

  • GT5 Prologue gets content boost and split-screen racing for US

    While SCEE’s promising an imminent announcement of GT5 Prologue’s date in Europe, the Americans have been thrown a rather large bone with news that the US version is going to receive decent content addition over the Japanese release. According to this, the American disc will include split-screen racing, a Drift Mode and car tuning. We […]

  • No GT5 in the UK this year, says GAME

    While we all know that retailers do tend to have a “hit and miss” record when it comes to release dates, this all does sound depressingly inevitable. According to an email sent to customers by UK chain GAME, “The legendary “Real Driving Simulator Gran Turismo 5 is heading to PlayStation 3 in 2009, utilising the […]

  • GT5: Yamauchi promises "global community"

    Speaking in a rare interview, Polyphony Digital front man and Gran Turismo producer Kanzunori Yamauchi has promised that GT5 will provide a “global” community for fans of the game from the hugely anticipated PS3 title’s “online capabilities”. “This Gran Turismo was going to be the first game produced for the PlayStation 3 hardware, so we […]

  • GT5 Prologue gets new date for Europe

    According to this, SCEE’s confirmed that GT5 Prologue will hit Europe on March 28, priced £24.99. The precursor to the main event in GT5 is to include ten tracks, 37 cars and four modes, although details in that story are slim. A downloadable version of the game is also expected through PSN. Update: Uh oh. […]

  • GT5 Prologue date set for US

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will launch in America on April 17, says this, priced $39.99. The precursor to the full game, which currently has no fixed date, will be available via PSN or on Blu-ray disc. Over 60 cars will be included in the release, as will online racing for up to 15 people simultaneously. […]

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