Buy new PSP bundle, get two months GO!VIEW free

Sony’s to release two new PSP bundles centred on two months’ worth of GO!VIEW subscription included in the pack. They’re both out on May 8. The first GO!VIEW pack will retail for £149.99 and includes a PSP3000 (Black), a 2Gb Memory Stick, a mini-USB cable and a GO!VIEW voucher for two months’ free subscription. The […]

12 years ago

Goview! headlines

  • GoView! to launch this summer in Europe

    SCEE’s announced that the PSP video download service, GoView!, will launch this summer in Europe, GI reports.The service, in partnership with satellite broadcaster Sky and first announced during the Sony keynote at last year’s Games Convention in Leipzig, will offer content on either a subscription model or pay-per-view basis, although pricing structures and specific content […]

    13 years ago