Gothic 4: Arcania

Gothic 4 expansion “indefinitely” delayed, publisher in trouble

JoWooD has announced an “indefinite” delay for the release of Arcania: Gothic 4’s expansion Fall of Setarrif due to legal problems.

10 years ago

Gothic 4: Arcania headlines

  • PSA: Demo for Gothic 4 now available

    Spellbound has released its PC demo for Arcania: Gothic 4, along with some system specs.

    10 years ago
  • New Gothic 4 screens bring the lovely

    They’re only environment shots, but what the hey. It’s all real-time and looks very nice indeed, thank you very much. On GameInfoWire. There’s no date on the RPG as yet.

    13 years ago
  • First Gothic 4 shots released

    Tiscali Games has them, and they’re not scans. They’re all environment screens, but very pretty, all the same. The Spellbound Entertainment-developer RPG’s without a release date as yet.

    13 years ago
  • First Gothic 4 details emerge

    Tiscali Games has posted the first details of Gothic 4, as you can see here.It’s called Gothic 4: Arcania, apparently. Here’s a taste: Fully titled Gothic 4: Arcania (as opposed to the previous subtitle Genesis). Story set 10 years after the third title and located on various southern islands, each having different climate zones and […]

    13 years ago