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  • GoG is having a nice weekend sale on select Ubisoft titles

    Good Old Games is having a sale this weekend and you can get up to 50 percent off select Ubisoft titles when you buy the lot.

  • GOG to sell The Witcher II next May

    The recently relaunched Good Old Games is to sell CD Projekt RPG The Witcher II when it releases next May, according to EG.

  • GoG to reopen later today

    That was a bit naughty.

  • Good Old Games shuts down

    PC digital distribution platform GOG, Good Old Games, has announced it’s shut down.

  • GoG adds Sanitarium to its list of cheap games

    Good Old Games has added Sanitarium to its library and for $9.99 you’ll also get the soundtrack. Considered a must for point-and-click adventure enthusiasts, Sanitarium puts players in the shoes of an asylum patient who survived a car crash and if suffering from amnesia. There’s loads of ancient gods, deformed children, and ghosts from your […]

  • Psychonauts and Advent Rising land on GoG for cheap

    GoG has added Psychonauts and Advent Rising to its online library for $9.99 and $5.99, respectively. This is all part of a deal the company signed with Majesco, which plans to send BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2 along in the coming weeks. “One of‘s main goals is to bring games that were overlooked back into […]

  • GoG is one year old, celebrating with buy one get one free has posted a nice deal up on its site, celebrating the one year anniversary of the digital download service. Right now, when you purchase certain games from the sale list, you will get one free. That is two full games for $5.99. How can you beat that? Participating games include Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout […]

  • GoG adds Heroes of Might and Magic III to the service

    GoG has added Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete to to the lineup completely DRM free, people. The offering contains the original game and the Armageddon’s Blade and The Shadow of Death expansion packs along with the soundtrack for $9.99. Hooray. Go have a look. Thanks, BigDownload.

  • GOG gets Postal, Stronghold goes on sale

    Postal: Classic and Uncut is now available on Good Old Games for $5.99. Postal 2 is expected soon. Yes, we’re serious. Here’s the proof. If you’ve never played the controversial game before, now’s your chance to get it cheap. Also, GOG is running a 25 percent off promotion all weekend for the Stronghold and Stronghold: […]

  • Far Cry lands on GOG for $9.99, DRM-free

    Far Cry has landed on for $9.99. Being called a surprise release even. It’s also DRM-free, should that make any difference to you. More information and details for the classic shooter can be found here.

  • CD Projekt launches GOD service

    CD Projekt’s launched a games on demand service, As you do. Good Old Games is in beta at the moment, and is selling DRM-free games for $5.99 and $9.99. Can’t say fairer than that. Take a look.

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