Golden Joysticks 2008

Edge unveils new Most Wanted Golden Joystick

Edge is to give out a Most Wanted Golden Joystick at the Future awards this year, designed to let people voted for their most anticipated game. Obviously.Up for the inaugural honour are: Mirror’s Edge Infamous Left 4 Dead Fallout 3 Prince Of Persia Resident Evil 5 Heavy Rain Animal Crossing: City Folk Bayonetta Far Cry […]

13 years ago

Golden Joysticks 2008 headlines

  • Vote for Golden Joysticks finalists now

    Voting’s opened for the finalists of this year’s Golden Joysticks awards.The event, now owned by Future, is in its 26th year, apparently. Who’d have thought it? We normally don’t advise people to vote, but you may as well in this case.

    13 years ago
  • Golden Joysticks 2008 voting open now

    Future’s announced voting’s now open for this year’s Golden Joysticks awards.For those of you unaware, “the Joysticks” is a chance for everyone in the British games industry to sit in a room and try to drink each other to death.Categories for this year’s “show” are: Ultimate Game of the Year The Sun Family Game of […]

    13 years ago