Gold Farmers

Are you a real-life gangster? Launder your loot through World of Warcraft!

Gold farmers are pretty annoying when they’re spamming world chat, but there’s a darker side to the illicit virtual currency trade.

7 years ago

Gold Farmers headlines

  • Aion: Plastic surgery, gender changes, and protecting your account

    Aion players could see the long-awaited gender change and plastic surgery services happening in the next couple weeks.Also, the developers posted a nice bit of information on how you can protect your account, and what it’s doing to combat hackers and gold farmers.

    11 years ago
  • Gold farming not banned in China after all

    Looks like gold farming hasn’t been banned in China after all.According to ICTs for Development, it’s Paypal-type currencies that received the restriction.“This is a government restriction on the use of the quasi-Paypal-like currencies (mainly QQ coins) that are used extensively in China to pay for virtual game stuff,” stated the University of Manchester’s Richard Heeks. […]

    12 years ago