Going Rogue

Watch the introductory teaser-trailer for City of Heroes: Going Rogue

You’ve heard loads about the Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes today. Now watch the introductory teaser-trailer for it. It’s interesting. Thanks, Joystiq.

Going Rogue headlines

  • NCsoft officially announces Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes

    The Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes was (sort of) announced earlier today through SteetWide Concepts, and now NCsoft has seen fit to make it official. This will be the first major expansion for the City of Heroes franchise since City of Villains was launched in 2005, and promises to “blur the line between […]

  • Going Rogue expansion (sort of) announced for City of Heroes

    A new City of Heroes expansion, Going Rogue, has been confirmed via marketing company StreetWide Concepts, Kotaku reports. Mention of the pack appears to have been removed. The add-on will be only the second in the game’s history, the first being City of Villains. Going Rogue will introduce the world of Praetoria and a new […]