GoGamer’s 48 Hour Madness deals are nothing to sneeze at

GoGamer.com has a 48 Hour Madness sale going on that ends Tuesday at 3 am EST.One sale is upcoming MMO from NCsoft Aion for just $39.90 compared to $49.99, and an imported PC version of Blood Bowl (since it’s not out in the US yet) for $27.90.Supreme Commander is $7.90, Homeworld is $9.90 and Homeworld […]

12 years ago

Gogamer.com headlines

  • Mass Effect on PC is 80% off this weekend only

    If you’ve been holding out on purchasing Mass Effect for PC, now is your chance to get a great deal.GoGamer has BioWare’s RPG on sale for $9.90, which is over $40 off the regular price.The sale lasts through Sunday.Via LA Examiner.

    12 years ago
  • Americans can buy DualShock 3 for $42

    US retailer GoGamer.com is offering DualShock 3s to lucky American gamers for $42 plus shipping.Which is slightly cheaper than the £39.99 British PS3 owners are going to be paying for the controller on Friday. Importing for the win.Thanks, PS3F.

    13 years ago