Retailers list Splinter Cell: Conviction for a June release

Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction, but that hasn’t stopped GoGamer and GameStop from listing it for a June launch.Over on both retail sites, the Tom Clancy tactical action game is listed as coming out June 30 for both PC and Xbox 360.Sometimes these dates are an estimate, other […]

12 years ago

GoGamer headlines

  • GoGamer “Madness” sale annihilates price of LittleBigPlanet, others

    The American dollar’s apparently so devoid of value these days that GoGamer really just doesn’t care anymore. The site’s currently kicking its inventory out and telling it to get a real job with a certifiably insane 48-hour madness sale. Seriously, look at these deals: Little Big Planet (PS3) (I) – $21.90 NCAA March Madness 08 […]

    12 years ago