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Civ V: “One World” expansion spotted on Steam Apps Database

Civilization V is rumoured to be receiving a new set of DLC. A listing for an expansion named “One World” exists on the Steam Apps Database, and was spotted by an eagle-eyed member of the 2K forum.

8 years ago

Gods & Kings headlines

  • Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion now available in the US

    2K has announced the availability of the Gods & Kings, the expansion pack for Civilization V on Mac and PC. The expansion is available today in the US, and will be released internationally on June 22. The expansion contains new technology, 27 new units, 13 new buildings and nine new Wonders. It also contains new […]

    9 years ago
  • Civ V video shows new playable civilizations in Gods and Kings

    2K has released a video in which Civilization V producer Dennis Shirk, and lead designer Ed Beach, discuss designing the new playable civilizations in Civilization V: Gods & Kings. Watch it below. The expansion is out June 19 in the US and internationally June 22.

    9 years ago
  • Civilization V: Gods & Kings lands on PC in June

    2K has announced the Gods & Kings expansion pack for Civilization V will be released in North America on June 19 and internationally on June 22. Included in the expansion is new gameplay content allowing players to found a Pantheon of the Gods where their created prophets will spread the newly founded religion across the […]

    9 years ago