God Of War Origins

PSA – God of War: Origins Collection hits PS3 today, gets launch trailer

The God of War: Origins Collection is out today in the US, and Sony has released the launch trailer for it, which we have posted below.

God Of War Origins headlines

  • God of War: Origins demo releasing on PSN tomorrow for PS Plus subs

    The US PS Blog‘s announced that a demo for the God of War: Origins Collection will be releasing on PlayStation Network. PS Plus subscribers will be able to download it as early as tomorrow, and it’ll be made available for the general public on September 6. The demo will feature a level from Ghost of […]

  • God of War Origins openings get videoed

    Not content with the Team ICO blowout, IGN’s gone live with ten minutes worth of footage from the God of War Origins pack. The pair, which will release as God of War Collection Vol 2 in Europe, will come with remasters of the two PSP titles in Kratos’ adventures: Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of […]

  • God of War: Origins confirmed for October Japanese release

    Sony will release God of War: Origins, the PS3 HD collection of the series’ PSP titles, on October 6, according to this week’s Famisu. The collection is the second title to release as part of the PSP Remaster series, the first become Monster Hunter Portable 3rd later this month in Japan. Origins, which contains Chains […]

  • BBFC rates Resistance 3, God of War Collection Vol. II

    Sony hasn’t said much regarding its God of War: Origins collection since E3, but today the BBFC has listed the collection, which includes Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, and a God of War documentary. Called the God of War Collection Volume II, which is likely its European title. It is, of course, rated 18 and was classified […]

  • God of War Origins trailered, screenarised

    Sony announced the God of War Origins collection for PS3 last night, a bundle of revamped versions of the IP’s PSP spin-offs. Sony did not announce God of War IV, as had been rumoured yesterday morning. Still, God of War is like ultra-badass super-crack: some people can never have enough. Check it out in motion […]

  • God of War Origins Collection announced, Team ICO Collection confirmed for September

    Sony’s just announced a 3D God of War Collection, known as God of War Origins.