God Of War Collection Volume II

Amazon Germany lists God of War: Master Collection

Amazon.de’s listed something called the God of War: Master Collection on PS3. It’s apparently due on September 16, according to the listing, and will feature all of the God of War games to date: the first God of War Collection featuring GoW1 and 2, God of War III and the upcoming God of War Collection […]

10 years ago

God Of War Collection Volume II headlines

  • BBFC rates Resistance 3, God of War Collection Vol. II

    Sony hasn’t said much regarding its God of War: Origins collection since E3, but today the BBFC has listed the collection, which includes Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, and a God of War documentary. Called the God of War Collection Volume II, which is likely its European title. It is, of course, rated 18 and was classified […]

    10 years ago