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  • God of War III developers worrried it might get banned in Australia

    Sean Cunningham, art director for God of War III, has said that he and the team are worried that Kratos’ newest adventure may be banned in Australia due to its ultra violent content. “There is (concern),” he told Screen Play. “We try to push the boundaries a little bit. (But) we’ve had meetings and discussions […]

  • E3 demo for God of War III to air on G4TV tonight

    Tonight, G4TV will air the God of War III demo shown at E3 around 6:30pm EST/PST and again at 8:30pm EST/PST on X-Play. Just in case none of you have seen it already. Game Director Stig Asmussen will provide the walk-through and add a bit of commentary. Don’t get G4TV? Then just log into the […]

  • God of War III shots are flipping excellent

    The video for God of War III was just flipping awesome from what we heard. If the screens posted on Eurogamer are any indication of what me missed being at home, then it was a fun romp with our favorite Spartan. Go have a look. Hopefully the video will be up soon. Game’s out March […]

  • God of War 3 not coming this year, MS Conference surprise

    Microsoft is expected to kick off it’s E3 press conference here in a bit and with a “surprise” guest is rumored to be helping demo  The Beatles: Rock Band. Also, those in the know over at Variety say that gamers should not expect God of War 3 this year. It gas been pushed into 2010. […]

  • European press invited to exclusive God of War 3 sneak preview

    Sony has confirmed to videogaming247 this morning that European as well as American press will invited to the God of War III “exclusive sneak preview” we reported earlier. “Yes, the GOW3 development team will be holding an exclusive sneak peak in February, for a very select number of US & European press,” a Sony representative […]

  • God of War 3 and Uncharted Among Thieves trailers to hit PSN on Jan 22nd

    Sony plans to release a God War 3 trailer and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Among Thieves trailer on PSN on the 22nd January. We have no idea as to what these trailers will entail and can only speculate as to whether it will be just the announcement trailers in high def or if we’ll be treated […]

  • First real-time God of War 3 footage punches the earth

    Kratos is back, and he’s pissed. Why? We’re not really sure. Probably the economy. But Kratos’ loss is our gain, because when mythological Greece’s Godzilla blows his top, he slashes up horse-people and punches them with wolves. Check out the full trailer after the break. By Nathan Grayson

  • Rumour: PS3 price-cutting planned for March, Uncharted 2 and GoW3 shown in UK

    DPad’s posted a report based on a source that attended the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing in London on Friday, claiming SCEE president David Reeves said the firm “will be getting more competitive on price from March 2009 onwards.” Apparently the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet – which the report says has been worked on […]

  • God of War III teaser trailer posted

    After the break. You don’t see much, but then again if you did, it wouldn’t be a “teaser” now would it? It’s all about “chaos,” apparently. See for yourselves. By Mike Bowden

  • God of War 3 to appear at E3

    Eurogamer.pt – that’s Portugal – is reporting that God of War 3 will be appearing at E3. Sony has apparently sent round a press release stating nothing else apart from confirmation of its appearance. “Relembramos,” says the rather comical Google translation, “that God Of War III goes to be available, for Playstation 3, only in […]

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