God Eater 2

God Eater Resurrection, God Eater 2 coming to PS4, Vita, PC in the West

Acclaimed action RPGs coming West in 2016.

5 years ago

God Eater 2 headlines

  • God Eater 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts top Media Create charts - PS Vita TV debuts

    God Eater 2 debuted on top of the Media Create charts with 266,326 units sold, giving PS Vita a much needed hardware boost and making it the second best selling system for the week. Call of Duty: Ghosts debuted in second with 190,631 units sold on PS3 and the Xbox 360 version cam in at […]

    7 years ago
  • Famitsu reviews: Call of Duty Ghosts fares well, Daigassou! Band Brothers & God Eater 2 score big

    Famitsu has published its weekly reviews and as ever, we’ve collated all the juicy numbers here for your convenience. Call of Duty: Ghosts, Daigassou! Band Brothers and God Eater 2 scored best.

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 demo releasing on Vita and PSP this summer with data transfer

    A demo for God Eater 2 will be released on Vita and PSP this summer, according to new out of the Joint Development Summit streamed on NicoNico Live.

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 video shows over nine minutes of footage

    God Eater 2, the sequel to PSP RPG Gods Eater Burst, has a new nine minute video available below, which was shown during the Nico Nico Super Conference. As Gemastu noted, it’s rather blurry, but you still get an idea of how the Boost Hammer and Charge Spear work. Game’s due in Japan on PSP […]

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 online multiplayer on the cards

    Namco bandai hasn’t yet decided whether to support online multipler for God Eater 2. In a series of tweets translated by Gematsu, producer Yusuke Tomizawa said the Monster Hunter-like title currently supports ad-hoc and PS3 ad-hoc party, “but there are plans to talk about online specifications sometime in the future”. God Eater 2 is the […]

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 will allow save transfers

    God Eater 2 will allow you to import items from your Gods Eater Burst save file, although not your character. Siliconera reports the amount of items you’ll be able to import will vary depending on your completion and play time, so if you’re hanging out for the follow-up it’s probably a good idea to invest […]

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 screens and trailer show off weapons, Burst Hammer, new character

    Namco has released two new videos for God Eater 2, showing the use of the Burst Hammer. There’s also some nice screenshots to accompany the videos over on AGB, which show off other weapons such as swords and the character Romeo Leoni. The game is slated for release sometime this year on PSP and Vita.

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2: new trailer shows off big monsters, even bigger weapons

    God Eater 2 received a new trailer as part of Sony’s PS Vita live-stream this morning. Namco Bandai’s action game boasts hulking great monsters just begging to be defeated, and some of the most ludicrously massive weapons I’ve ever seen.

    8 years ago
  • PS Vita price-cut announced for Japan

    Sony has announced via live stream that both the 3G and Wi-Fi models of PS Vita will receive a price-drop in February.

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 videos and screenshots show off weapons, characters, environments

    New screenshots for God Eater 2 have appeared over on Siliconera, each showing the various weapons, environments and characters in the game. You should head over there for a look. Below the break, there’s also three videos of the game which were released by Nacmo yesterday. God Eater 2 will release later in the year […]

    8 years ago
  • God Eater 2 trailer shows huge monster battles

    God Eater 2 has been confirmed for Japan on both PS Vita and PSP in 2013, and has received a new trailer out of TGS. It shows monster battles against huge beasts, as well as plenty of combat. Get the clip below.

    9 years ago
  • Gods Eater 2 headed to Vita, PSP

    Gods Eater 2 will launch on both PSP and Vita, Famitsu leaks indicate.

    9 years ago
  • Lots of God Eater 2 screenshots released by Namco

    Namco has released a large batch of God Eater 2 screenshots, which you can ogle over on Gematsu. The shots were originally a times exclusive on Famitsu, but have been shared today. The game is slated for PSP, and the visuals have been revamped along with the addition of new elements, and a new type […]

    9 years ago
  • God Eater 2 still coming to PSP this year, visuals get revamped

    Namco Bandai a started promoting God Eater 2, and Famistu has kicked things off with a five page look at the sequel in its latest issue. The feature notes that while the game is still slated for PSP, a few changes have occurred, such as a revamp of the visual style, along with the inclusion […]

    9 years ago