Global Sales

PS3 outsold 360 by 28% in last 12 months

PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 by 4 million units in the 12 months ending June 30, by far the most significant lead Sony has placed over Microsoft since it launched PS3 in 2006.

Global Sales headlines

  • PSP has sold-in more than 50 million units worldwide, says Sony

    PSP has now sold-in more than 50 million units globally, Sony announced today. Around 9 million units have been added to the console’s installed base since August 2008. The machine launched on December 12, 2004 in Japan; March 24, 2005 in the US; and September 1, 2005 in Europe.

  • Xbox 360 sales pass 19 million

    According to this Eurogamer report, Xbox 360 sales have now passed 19 million globally. The new came as part of a general Microsoft first quarter financial release yesterday, which showed the Xbox division had increased sales 68 percent for the past three months year-on-year. Xbox 360 sales were last confirmed at 17.7 million in January.