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  • New Sledgehammer CoD title "will broaden the audience", says Activision

    Activision COO Thomas Tippl has said that the upcoming Call of Duty title from upstart Sledgehammer Games will “broaden the audience”.

  • Call of Duty's DAY OF DEATH - everything you need to know

    That was exciting, wasn’t it? Fuck the APOCALYPS3 – Infinity Ward implosion and Sledgehammer obvo-reveals are where it’s at. The face of Call of Duty, one of the world’s biggest game franchises, drastically altered in the last 24 hours, with the story ballooning faster than you may have liked. What happened? Hit the link.

  • Visceral: Dante's Inferno not affected by Schofield and Condrey departures

    Visceral has revealed that the departures of former general manager Glen Schofield and COO Michael Condrey had no impact on Dante’s Inferno whatsoever.

  • Sledgehammer's first game is "quite unique"

    Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield’s told Joystiq that the studio’s first game is “quite unique” and will “bring something new and exciting to our fans”.

  • Ex-Visceral boss: Switching to Activison is "fantastic"

    Former Visceral bossman Glen Schofield, has told Joystiq that moving with colleague Michael Condrey’s to form Sledgehammer Games for Acti has been a “fantastic” experience.

  • Sledgehammer Games gets site, logo

    Sledgehammer Games now has a website and a logo. Amazing scenes. The new Activision studio was formed when Visceral’s Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey jumped ship from EA. There’s little on there aside from a picture of a man with a sledgehammer for a head. Beggars can’t be choosers, remember. No Sledgehammer products have been […]

  • Activision announces Sledgehammer Games, Condrey and Schofield appointments

    Remember back in July when Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey left EA for Activision? Well, it’s finally been revealed by the company what the two former Visceral Games execs will be doing. The duo will co-head new studio Sledgehammer Games, which is currently at work on an unannounced project. Schofield takes on the role of […]

  • EA confirms departure of Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey [UPDATE]

    EA has responded to requests from VG247 regarding the departure of Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. According to a spokesperson: “I can confirm that they are exiting EA. It takes a team of talented people to make a highly-rated game like Dead Space. The team at Visceral are currently working on Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space […]

  • Reports claim Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey have left EA for Activision [Update]

    Reports surfacing around the net are claiming that EA’s Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey have left Redwood Shores for positions at Activison’s new Bay Area studio. According to sources close to Gamespot, Visceral Games employees were informed that general manager Glen Schofield and COO Michael Condrey were leaving to work at the as of yet […]

  • Visceral - 3 million played Dead Space, 1.5 million bought it

    Visceral boss Glen Schofield’s claimed in the latest EA podcast that twice as many people played Dead Space than actually bought the game new. The developer “did studies on sort of how many unique users there were on the PSN network and Xbox Live. And realized, you know what, there’s over three million people that […]

  • Visceral boss "not ready" for Dead Space 2 reveal

    Visceral Games head Glen Schofield has told VG247 that EA is “not ready” to show any of the studio’s titles past Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space: Extraction, and has refused to be drawn on timing for a Dead Space 2 reveal. “Our two big games are Extraction and Dante’s Inferno: we’re not ready to announce […]

  • Dante's Inferno - Room for "at least" two more games, says Schofield

    Visceral GM Glen Schofield has told VG247 that the EA studio, currently developing Dante’s Inferno, isn’t blind to the fact that the Divine Comedy is a trilogy. Inferno is followed by Paradiso and Purgatory, “so there’s at least room for two more [games] after that,” said the exec, talking in a phone interview before E3. […]

  • Visceral boss "confident" of success with Dead Space: Extraction

    Visceral Games boss Glen Schofield isn’t put off by the relative failure of other core Wii products – Dead Space: Extraction will do the business, he’s told GI. “I’m confident – it is an experiment, but there’s going to be 50 million Wiis out there by the time the game comes out, so if you […]

  • Dead Space sells 1.4 million

    Speaking to Gamespot, Visceral Games boss Glen Schofield’s confirmed that Dead Space has thus far sold 1.4 million units. Good stuff, and great news for the IP’s continuation. Remember: EA full-year financials tonight. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • EA hopes Sony's future gets a little brighter

    EA’s Glen Schofield is keeping his fingers crossed that Sony fortunes pick up with PS3. Speaking with, Schofield never came right out and said that Sony should cut prices on its console, but that’s pretty much it. “I’m really not sure what’s going on with Sony,” he said. “They’ve been such a great, great […]

  • EA dev boss: Make quality games, keep your job

    EA Redwood’s Glen Schofield has told GI that he’s told EA employees that those involved with the creation of quality games at the company will survive the current round of job losses. “People who aren’t making great games are going to lose their jobs,” said Schofield. “But if you’re making quality and we continue to […]

  • We need to spread out big releases, says EA

    EA Redwood Shores dev head Glen Schofield has said EA should learn from last year’s mistakes and stop bunching releases together. “The one big thing we learned was, we came out with a bunch of new IP, actually with a bunch of new games at the same time,” he said, speaking to GI. “Some people […]

  • EA looking at Dead Space as future development model

    Speaking to Variety, Dead Space exec producer Glen Schofield has said that “everyone” at EA sees the game’s development as the route forward for the firm, with new IP being seen as vehicles for different media genres from the outset. “People used to think of things like that as a distraction, but I think our […]

  • Dead Space 2 already underway

    Speaking to Variety, Dead Space exec producer Glen Schofield has confirmed that a Dead Space sequel is in the works. There’s no detail on what to expect from the next in the horror series there, but it’s heartening to know nonetheless. Apparently there’s going to be another Army of Two, as well: hit the link […]

  • Dead Space team studied car crash images during dev

    Speaking to Edge, Dead Space exec producer Glen Schofield admitted that the development team studied images of car crashes and war corpses to create “convincing” models of dead people in the game. “This sounds horrible, but we had to go look at pictures of car accidents and war scenes and things like that because we […]

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