Gi to partner with GCDC 2008

GI has announced that it will be the exclusive media partner for Games Convention Developer Conference in Leipzig.“We are glad to have found such a renowned partner with For us, the cooperation has a lot of potential, particularly with regard to the GCDC Daily”, said Frank Sliwka, GCDC project director.The deal will see the […]

13 years ago

Gi headlines

  • launches Network

    GI’s launched its Network social tool thing, and very nice it is too. Not shit in any way, from the look of it. Valuable, even. There are people on there we actually would want to speak to. Good work. Look. Sign up, if you’re in the “biz”.Press release after the link.

    13 years ago
  • Registration opens for Network

    GI’s opened registration for the Network, a trade social networking “thing” that plans to get you together with other games professionals. Provided you’re a games professional, obviously. From the site:Unlike other social networks, it’s not just about talking to your existing contacts. It’s an opportunity to get in touch with new people across the […]

    13 years ago