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  • Ghostbusters PS3 Vs 360 difference shown in screens [Update]

    Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter’s put the “rumours” to rest regarding the differences between the PS3 and 360 versions of Ghostbusters. The PS3 version’s resolution is far smaller, basically. Here’s the PS3 game, and this one’s from the 360 version. The difference is a tad obvious. Rich tells us the PS3 version runs at 960×540, while […]

  • Ghostbusters: PC multiplayer was sacrificed for console versions

    A statement has been issued regarding the lack of multiplayer in the PC version of Ghostbusters. According to the game’s multiplayer developer, the multiplayer was cut so that the console versions could be “the best that they could be.” “Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and Terminal Reality always wanted […]

  • Ghostbusting: Making a game funny like "writing three hit movies"

    Ghostbusters writer and general superstar Harold Ramis has told explained to GamesRadar why writing funny games is so difficult. Basically, it’s a stupid amount of work. “To make a game so funny with so many comic alternatives, that would be like writing three hit movies,” he said. “The scripts are impossibly long. That would be […]

  • No multiplay in PC Ghostbusters

    According to this Ecto-Web post, the PC version of Ghostbusters doesn’t have any kind of multiplayer feature, despite online play being present in both the PS3 and 360 versions. The PC version doesn’t have any DLC listed as a feature, either. Why? Unknown. We can ask, though. It’s out on Friday for PS3 and PSP […]

  • US version of Ghostbusters will not be region locked

    Good news European Xbox 360 owners. The North American version of Ghostbusters will not be region locked. This was confirmed by Atrai to Destructoid earlier today. Game’s out Jun 16, and now you won’t have to wait. Import away pals!

  • Terminal Reality wrote two-thirds of Ghostbusters script

    Atari may be touting that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were the writers of the Ghostbusters game, but both men acknowledge that it’s more of a marketing ploy than anything. Speaking with The New York Times, Aykroyd said that Terminal Reality came to him with script in hand, and he and Ramis supplied the structure […]

  • Home update ushers in photo sharing, BUZZ, Ghostbusters

    As of today, Home users will be able to share user created content in the way of photo sharing. Picture frames are to be made available in the Mall where you can then upload photos from your hard drive or select various default pictures, and then display them in your little PS3 apartments. You can […]

  • Fat Princess, Ghosbusters demo and more coming to PSN in June

    The EU PS Blog has updated informing us all over what’s coming up on PSN this month and if the headline doesn’t give it away, it includes Fat Princess and a Ghostbusters PS3 demo. There’s Trash Panic and Numblast too, and some PSP classics are promised. Have a read.

  • Atari will not be exhibiting at E3 this year

    Atari has decided not to exhibit at E3 this year, although the company still plans to attend. Speaking with Joystiq, an Atari representative told the site that a “proactive decision to attend but not exhibit at this year’s E3 event” was made so it could focus on “other selling and marketing initiatives” for Champions Online, […]

  • Ghosbuster devs don't want customers confused over distribution changes

    Terminal Reality doesn’t want consumers to be confused over the constant publishing changes for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. After changing hands three times within a year, VP Joe Kreiner says the team is frustrated and hoping the alterations do not sully customer expectations. “It is not the ideal situation for a developer like Terminal Reality […]

  • Atari confirms multiplatform Ghostbusters release for US

    Atari president Jim Wilson has confirmed that Ghostbusters will release on multiplatforms in the US come June, and that Sony will only publish the PlayStation versions in PAL regions. “The Sony Computer Entertainment partnership is exclusive to Europe, Atari is going to be publishing on all platforms in the US on June 16,” Wilson told […]

  • Ghostbusters on Blu-ray will not have a game demo

    Atari has confirmed that there will not be a demo for Ghostbusters: The Video Game included in the Blu-ray edition of the movie. Online retailer ShopTo.Net listed a demo among the features on the disc, but Atari has told Joystiq that this was not true. “There will be no demo for Ghostbusters: The Video Game […]

  • Check out the intro to Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    The intro movie for Ghostbusters: The Video Game showed up on GameTrailers today. If it’s any indication of how fun the game is going to be, we’re getting it day one. Not much longer to go – it’s out June 16.

  • Target announces $1 pre-order program with $5 gift card incentive

    Target announced today a new reservation program beginning April 19, where for only one dollar you can pre-order games using a collectible reservation card. Upon returning to the store within seven days of the game’s release, you will get back your collectible card along with a $5 gift card to use towards a future purchase. […]

  • Ghostbusters gets multiplayer dev diary and screens

    Atari has released a few new Ghostbusters screenshots, along with a dev diary from the game’s multiplayer developers. Threewave, the firm handling co-op for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, was initially skeptical about working on the project because “movie licensed games are not something that Threewave, being a group of mostly hardcore shooter fans, usually […]

  • Dan Aykroyd likes the look of Ghostbusters on Wii

    Dan Aykroyd has told Newsweek that he prefers how the characters look in the Wii version of Ghostbusters as the style resembles The Incredibles. “Honestly, I love the way we look in the Wii platform, because it resembles the animation that was done in The Incredibles,” he said. “Anybody who looks like an Incredible is […]

  • Ghostbusters Blu-ray to include making-of game featurette

    Sony is to include a making-of featurette of Ghostbusters: The Video Game in the Blu-ray edition of the movie, due to land in stores June 16. Not surprising, since the game and the 25th Anniversary Edition of the movie are slated for release on the same day. Should at least give you something extra to […]

  • Ghostbusters isn't coming to PSP, says Atari

    Remember that ESRB posting that said Ghostbusters was coming to PSP? It was a giant, marshmallow-shaped lie. Atari told Eurogamer so today. You’ll just have to play it on DS, Wii, PS3, PS2 and 360 when it releases this June.

  • ESRB lists Ghostbusters for PSP

    Looks as though Ghostbusters is coming to PSP, if a recent ESRB filing is any indication. This means it’ll release for DS, Wii, PS3, PS2, PS3, 360 and PSP come June. Thanks to the hawk-eyed folks over at Kotaku.

  • Ghostbusters - six-minute gameplay movie

    After the break. It’s direct-feed gameplay footage taken from the Spanish version of the forthcoming demo, apparently. It looks great. This has been grabbed from PartnerNet, supposedly. Naughty rabbits. The game’s out on June 19 for all formats. Thanks, Blerk.

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