Ghost Recon: Alpha

Ghost Recon: Alpha short film now available

Ghost Recon Alpha – the 25-minute long prequel film to the upcoming game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, – is now freely available, having previously been limited to select channels. Watch the Ghosts strike swiftly to eliminate one of the world’s most feared war criminals. The short film is high on production values and looks amazing. You […]

9 years ago

Ghost Recon: Alpha headlines

  • Ghost Recon: Alpha trailer and screens released

    Ubisoft has released a trailer for its movie short Ghost Recon: Alpha. It’s posted below along with a set of screenshots. The full film will be available to the public on Monday May 14 via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel. The film was shown earlier in the month via Lovefilm and on G4, and a DVD Blu-ray […]

    9 years ago
  • Ghost Recon: Alpha hits Lovefilm, G4 today, out on DVD and Blu-ray May 22

    Ubisoft’s announced Ghost Recon: Alpha will hit UK streaming service Lovefilm today. The live-action film is a prequel to Future Soldier, with the characters and storyline of Alpha directly tied into the game. A code is also hidden in the game that where, if found, can be used in the 360 version of Future Soldier […]

    9 years ago
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier weapon hidden in short film prequel

    Ubisoft’s short prequel film for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be aired on G4 on Thursday. Ghost Recon Alpha features the game’s four protagonists, is set on one of the multiplayer maps, was directed by Academy Award winners Hervé de Crécy and François Alaux, written by Children of Men’s Tim Sexton and Gregory Pruss, and […]

    9 years ago
  • Ghost Recon 30-minute live action film gets a teaser

    Ubisoft has released a short teaser for the 30-minute film Ghost Recon: Alpha, from Oscar winners François Alaux and Hervé de Crécy.

    10 years ago