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Ubisoft drops some PC titles by 50%

Ubisoft has cut prices in its PC digital download store, with several of its titles now reduced by 50 percent.

11 years ago

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  • 50% off Ghost Recon pack on Steam this weekend

    Steam’s offering 50 percent off its Ghost Recon Complete Pack this weekend.This gives you Advanced Warfighter, Advanced Warfighter 2, Ghost Recon and its two expansions – Desert Siege and Island Thunder – for the frankly stupid price of £14.99.You may as well. Going outside’s for the weak.

    12 years ago
  • Ubisoft teases on next-gen GRAW

    Here. Visiting the official Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter site brings up a Flash teaser for what appears to be the next game in the GRAW series (thanks daniel-plainview). No real details, but at least we know it’s on the way now, as if there was ever any doubt.

    13 years ago

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