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  • John Romero no longer with Slipgate Ironworks, working on social game Loot Drop

    Ex-id and Ion Storm co-founder John Romero is no longer at Slipgate Ironworks, a company he helped form in 2005, and is reportedly working with business partner Tom Hall on a social network game called Loot Drop.

  • John Romero regrets Daikatana ad campaign, thinks a reunion with Carmack would be "awesome"

    Remember when John Romero tried to make you his bitch? Yeah. He’s really sorry about that.

  • Marvel MMO dev has "six or seven titles in production"

    Marvel MMO creator Gazillion is really, really busy. It’s got up to seven games in the works, in fact. “We actually have six or seven titles that are in production right now,” marketing boss Paul Baldwin told Joystiq at GDC. Gazillion, founded in 2005, was announced as being the developer of Marvel MMOs for the […]

  • Marvel MMO not out till 2012

    According to this BigDownload article, Marvel’s “grown up” Gazillion MMO won’t release until 2012. Apparently the date’s been picked as there’s a bunch of Marvel movie content turning up in the same year. Given that’s the projected date, and MMOs are the least stable of all development projects, waiting for this is likely to be […]

  • Marvel MMOs on the way thanks to Gazillion deal

    Marvel and start-up developer Gazillion have signed a ten-year deal to deliver MMOs based on Marvel characters. The first, a kid-aimed game called Super Hero Squad, will debut in 2010 as a tie-in with a Cartoon Network show. Beyond that, Gazillion will continue with its own version of a giant Marvel game, dubbed Marvel Universe, […]

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