Marvel Super Hero Squad Online hits 4 million registered players

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, the free-to-play MMO title from Gazillion has burst through the four million player mark. The game launched last year and to celebrate the developer is relaunching its official hub and opening it up to Europe. Get the details below.

Gazillion headlines

  • Marvel Heroes 'is completely free, we'll prove it' - Brevik

    Marvel Heroes was initially slated for a 2006 release, but it launch is finally looming on the horizon with the beta phase already accepting registrations. president of Gazillion David Brevik has stressed that he F2P market is confusing, but wants to assure everyone that his game is absolutely free.

  • Marvel Heroes beta registrations now open

    Marvel Heroes is now accepting closed beta applications. The superhero MMO basically does what you’d expect, throwing all of Marvels biggest names into one big world and letting them tear into villains. Dibs on Hulk!

  • Marvel Heroes Comic Con trailer shows off Iron Man, Black Panther, more

    Will the licensed assets ever cease? Not until San Diego Comic Con is but a bitter memory. This one’s for Marvel Heroes, Gazillion’s heroic free-to-play MMORPG.

  • Marvel Heroes adds playable Human Torch

    Like most sane people, you probably avoid playing with fire as a general rule. Well, it may be time to disregard what your parents taught you because Gazillion has added the Human Torch to its line-up of playable characters for free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes. Marvel Heroes is yet to be dated but more information about […]

  • Scarlet Witch added to Marvel Heroes roster

    Gazillion has announced another hero for its free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes, and its Scarlet Witch. Supers announced for the game so far include: Black Widow, Cable, Colossus, Cyclops, Deadpool, Emma Frost, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Storm, Thing, Thor, and Wolverine. A teaser video for the game was released back in […]

  • Marvel Heroes teaser shows a menacing Victor Von Doom

    Gazillion has released a teaser trailer for its free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes. There are a few bits of gameplay in the video featuring the Avengers, as well as look at Victor Von Doom who has gotten his hands on the Cosmic Cube. Watch it below. Thanks, Massively.

  • Cyclops playable in Marvel Heroes

    Gazillion’s latest Marvel Heroes character reveal is none other then perennially unpopular Cyclops. It can’t be easy being second fiddle to everyone’s favourite X-man, but the laser-eyed team leader looks pretty good in the artwork posted through the break.

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online to be fully voiced

    Gazillion Entertainment is adding full voice overs to family friendly MMO Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, teasing a cast full of familiar names.

  • Marvel Heroes to use Unreal Engine 3

    Gazillion has licensed Unreal Engine 3 for its upcoming MMO, Marvel Heroes. According to studio director Jeff Lind, the choice of tech comes down to the engine’s flexible actor components, which have enabled “all kinds of customisations”, while other representatives praised the lighting and quick import of pre-existing assets. Epic seems pretty chuffed about it, […]

  • Marvel MMORPG retitled as Marvel Heroes

    Gazillion’s upcoming MMORPG based on the Marvel comics universe has been renamed.

  • This is Iron Man in Marvel Universe Online

    Keeping up with its Marvel Universe Online reveals, MMOSociety has renders of Iron Man up on the site for perusing. Previously revealed characters include Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America. A release date has not been set for Gazillion’s MMO.

  • This is Thor in Marvel Universe Online

    MMOSociety has unveiled Marvel Universe Online’s take on Thor, the Avenger suddenly popularised by the recent film. Previously revealed characters include Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America. No release date has been set for Gazillion’s PC-exclusive MMORPG. Click through to view full size.

  • Marvel Universe dev emphasises gaming's transition to service model

    Don’t underestimate gaming’s shift to a service-based business model, warns Dan Fiden, VP of publishing at Marvel Universe and Fortune Online developer Gazillion Entertainment.

  • Gazillion launching two F2P MMOs in Europe

    Gazillion’s announced it’s to bring two new MMOs to Europe. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and Fortune Online, both of which are in beta right now, will come to the continent via ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. The titles are free-to-play and browser based. There’s more info on it at Joystiq.

  • Thursday Shorts II: War in the North, Deathsmiles, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, stats

    Shorts are short this afternoon. But that’s, okay. Never heard anyone complain about such a thing unless they’re being sported by large, hairy man.

  • Marvel Universe Online has "a great answer" to the superhero question

    Secret Identity does have an answer for the old “how the heck can we all play as Spider-Man?” question Marvel Universe has raised, but it’s not saying what it is.

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is available, free, and adorable

    If you can’t wait for Marvel Universe Online, why not dip the toe in with the just-released Marvel Super Hero Squad Online?

  • Gazillion details Marvel Universe at press event; confirms free-to-play and Brian Michael Bendis as writer

    Gazillion held a press event in San Francisco yesterday, which dished loads of details regarding its Marvel Universe MMO, plus confirming the fact it will be free-to-play.

  • Gazillion Entertainment hires former Cryptic Studios CEO John Needham

    Gazillion Entertainment has announced it has appointed ex-Cryptic man John Needham as its new CEO.

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