Gaute Godager

Godager leaving Funcom will bring “player-centric” direction to Age of Conan

Speaking to MTV, Funcom product manager Jørgen Tharaldsen said that the surprise departure of company founder Gaute Godager this week is likely to bring more attention to Age of Conan of subscribers.“I think that the fact that Gaute leaves means that we get a direction which is more player-centric, since [new game director Craig Morrison] […]

12 years ago

Gaute Godager headlines

  • GDC: Age Of Conan "ideal for 360", on console 12 months after PC

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures game director Gaute Godager has said that he believes that the MMO’s unique and controversial combat system, which has been scathed by some critics, will be ideal for the conversion of the game to a 360 format.Speaking at a GDC presentation of the title’s PC version, Godager said that the […]

    13 years ago