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  • Supreme Commander 2 hands-on is generally positive

    Supreme Commander 2 promises to be just as large as the original and address a number of issues that were present as well. That’s according to Gamespot, which got hands-on time with the game at E3. Supposedly it has a better art design, economy, improved pathfinding, tech upgrades effecting existing units, and new tech trees […]

  • Supreme Commander 2 - a screenshot

    GPG’s released the first screen of RTS sequel Supreme Commander 2 – and here it is. The game got a first trailer yesterday, which all came as a bit of a shock. We’re quite fragile, you know. Square’s publishing it next year for PC and 360. It’ll be at E3 next week.

  • Supreme Commander 2 - first video

    Um. What? Hello, E3. GPG just released the first trailer for Supreme Commander 2, as seen after the break. Square was confirmed as publishing the RTS sequel last November. It’s PC and 360 for 2010, apparently. It’s got armies in it. Watch.

  • Demigod: Watch stone giant smash stuff

    Gas Powered Games has released a demonstration video for Demigod, featuring pointers and a bit of tutorial from the game’s lead designer, Matt Marr. Shows a stone giant, called the Rook, swing his hammer and smash all in its path. Watch it below. Game’s out April 14 for PC.

  • Demigod dev diary shows tons of in-game footage

    After the break. The whole thing’s a game being played with a developer talking over the top, and it actually does look awesome. Fighting and gods, RTS and action, cats and dogs living in harmony. For the win. Gas Powered Games is developing. It’s out in April.

  • Demigod multiplayer beta opens February 19

    StarDock and Gas Powered Games announced today that Beta 3 of Demigod will be released on February 19. Beta 3 is being launched so the devs can “nail down balance and begin trying out the Pantheon – the persistent multiplayer universe,” and fix any balance issues before moving onto the final phase: getting the multiplayer […]

  • New Demigod screens demand new graphics card

    Destructoid’s posted up some new shots of GPG RTS thing, Demigod, and very nice they are too. Atari’s picked this up for Europe, for release next year.

  • Atari to publish Ready 2 Rumble Revolution and Demigod

    More from today’s London Atari event. The firm’s to publish Ready 2 Rumble Revolution on Wii next March, featuring boxers based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and John Travolta. Atari also announced today it’s to publish GPG’s Demigod, presumably in Europe. Stardock’s got it in the US. Thanks, Techradar.

  • Supreme Commander 2 confirmed, Square to publish

    Square’s confirmed it’s to publish a sequel to Gas Powered Games RTS Supreme Commander. No platforms or dates for the game have been laid out as yet, with Square saying only that “development has begun” on the project. The announcement is a big deal for Square: it equates to something along th lines of, “This […]

  • New Demigod movie, Q&A posted

    There’s a new Demigod movie after the break showing proper gameplay from the Gas Powered RTS game. It’s out next year. In case you’re a little lost as to what’s actually going on in the footage, Gaming Nexus has posted up an explanatory Q&A with the game’s lead designer, Mike Marr, to help you out.

  • Demigod beta goes live

    According to this GamersHell story, the beta’s gone live for GPG’s Demigod. There’s more through there. The PC strategy thing releases next February.

  • Space Siege on sale in US now, Europe next week

    As you can see on, Gas Powered Games’ Space Siege is now on sale in America. The action RPG hits Europe next week, as you can see on PC only for now. And that’s that.

  • New Space Siege dev diary posted

    After the the Read More bit. Watch as the Gas Powered Games team tell you about Space Siege’s protagonist, Seth Walker, and how he’s the daddy on the battlefield and in the workshop, and how you decide whether to keep him human or not. It’s all about morality, see. By Mike Bowden

  • Space Siege demo released

    Well, bugger us and call us Henry. Sega’s released a Space Siege demo, following a bizarre notification from Nvidia that it could happen this week. Get it from GamersHell. It’s just under 1Gb in total, and there doesn’t appear to be any indication of what it actually contains. You’ll just have to play it to […]

  • Space Siege demo in four days?

    According to this nVidia E3 site, a Space Siege “demo” is to be released in four days time. This could mean anything, so don’t wet the bed just yet. We’ll check with Sega tomorrow.

  • Two new Demigod screenshots released

    Over at GamersHell. It looks very much like a PC strategy title to us, which is good, because that’s what it is. The game was pushed back to Feb 2009 recently, but it’s going to be worth it from the look of it. Go see. By Mike Bowden

  • Supreme Commander 360 takes battering from IGN

    IGN has given the Xbox 360 version of Supreme Commander 4.5/10 in one of the game’s first reviews. Complaints include slowdown, crashing, poor graphics compared to the PC version and impaired AI. The article writer questioned how the game got its certification from Microsoft in such a state. Along with a limit of four-player multiplayer […]

  • "No official plans" for Dungeon Siege 3, says Taylor

    Speaking to CVG, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has said that comments he made last week about Dungeon Siege 3 being a single-character affair doesn’t mean he’s working on the game itself. “We have not made any official announcements, or have any official plans, but we are kicking ideas around, and that’s no secret,” he […]

  • Taylor confirms Dungeon Siege 3, drops parties’s dropped a nice exclusive this morning, carrying a quote from Chris Taylor in which he both confirms Dungeon Siege 3 and says the game will be based on a single character instead of a party. “There will be some things that are very much like the original Dungeon Siege [games] but only some things […]

  • Sup Comm 360 movie shows "control wheels"

    THQ’s put out an instructional movie for the Xbox 360 version of Supreme Commander, showing a completely new interface for the RTS. The control method seems to be built entirely from “control wheels” which are used to assign units to squads, build stuff, issue commands, and so on. You bring up unit-specific wheels by selecting […]

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