Gary Busey

Killing Floor 2 – Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beating update decks the halls with zed body parts and Gary Busey

Apparently taking out Gary Busey in Hitman a few years back didn’t work. He’s returned in Killing Floor 2, well, his voice has at least.

Gary Busey headlines

  • Gary Busey is the next Hitman Elusive Target

    Gary Busey is the latest Elusive Target in Hitman.

  • Gary Busey laughs like mentalist in Saints Row 2 DLC promo

    THQ’s released a video of Gary Busey behaving very oddly in an effort to promote free Saint’s Row 2 DLC, the “UnKut Pack”. See it on Shacknews. It’s pretty worrying.

  • Actor Gary Busey does Saints Row ads

    THQ has got actor Gary Busey – probably best known for his role as FBI Agent Angelo Pappas in the all-male, sweaty, surfy, hardcore action movie, Point Break – to do a few ads promoting the upcoming, free-roaming and very violent game, Saints Row. THQ has recently announced porn star Tera Patrick‘s involved with the […]