Gareth Edmondson

Edmondson brothers’ Thumbstar moves into China

Video game industry veterans Gareth and Martin Edmondson have struck a deal that will enable their mobile games company, Thumbstar, to distribute games in China, whilst protecting IP copyright.

9 years ago

Gareth Edmondson headlines

  • Edmondson brothers take Thumbstar board roles ahead of Newcastle expansion

    GI.Biz is reporting that ex-Reflections bosses Gareth and Martin Edmondson have taken board roles at mobile studio Thumbstar Games. The pair, who were both ex-studio director and creative director at the Ubisoft-owned studio respectively, join as the company prepares to make an expansion up to Newcastle. Gareth comes in as CEO, while Martin, who had […]

    9 years ago
  • Gareth Edmondson exits Driver studio Ubisoft Reflections

    Gareth Edmondson, studio manager for Ubisoft Reflections which focuses on the development of racing games such as the Driver series, has left the company after ten years.

    9 years ago
  • TIGA says UK game industry will decline 5% YoY without tax incentives

    TIGA has said that the UK development industry could face a 5 percent year-on-year decline should the government decline to issue tax breaks – where as on the flips side, it could grow annually by 4 percent should incentives go into effect.“The UK games industry is still successful and world leading. However, because most of […]

    11 years ago