Lambda Mall shown off in new Otherland dev diary

Tad Williams tragics, prepare to get your squee on.

9 years ago

Gamigo headlines

  • Jagged Alliance Online goes into open beta

    Jagged Alliance Online is leaving closed beta testing today, and gamigo, the game’s publisher has invited all players to to experience the PvE missions and PvP matches in the open testing phase.

    9 years ago
  • Otherland developer RealU reunites a star team

    A new developer for Otherland, RealU’s action MMORPG adaptation of the bestselling Tad Williams sci-fi epic, reveals the team came together specifically to make this game – and get the crew back together.

    10 years ago
  • Axel Springer buys Gamigo to bolster "digitization offensive"

    Axel Springer’s taken a majority shareholding in MMO provider Gamigo, the Germany media company’s announced, and now owns 94.8 percent of the firm.“Gamigo operates in a fast growing market segment, it will quadruple sales this year and it is profitable,” said AS boss, Jens Müffelmann.“Due to that online gaming is to become an important pillar […]

    13 years ago