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  • Gamespot offers Conan PvP beta keys

    Gamespot’s offering and exclusive chance to get on the Age of Conan PvP beta weekend, running April 18-20. Find the details here. The site’s giving away 15,000 slots on the test, and you’ll need to be a registered Gamespot user to get involved. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures releases globally on May 20.

  • Gerstmann: Gamespot fired me

    Just in case there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind that Gamespot ed ex-chief Jeff Gerstmann came to any mutual understanding about his position at Gamespot last year, consider it put to rest. In the words of the man himself, he was sacked. “I was fired, and kind of went home, decided to sit […]

  • Gerstmann sacker sacked from Gamespot

    Kotaku’s reporting that Josh Larson, CNET’s VP of games, will be leaving after some “restructuring”. While never officially implicated for the firing of Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann last year in the now infamous – and nuclear – Gerstmanngate Kane & Lynch review scandal, insiders have made it clear that Larson was responsible for blurring the line […]

  • Gamespot goes on recruitment drive

    Want to work for Gamespot? Have a definite love for Eidos games? Then take a look at this. Following a string of departures since last November, Gamespot is now on a major recruitment drive to plug the gaps. Do bear in mind that Gamespot editors face “a hefty and steady stream of review work each […]

  • Gamespot edits Lost Odyssey review but leaves score alone

    As you can see here, Gamespot decided not to change the score on its Lost Odyssey review, as reported here. Instead, the reviewer took a look at the load times on the retail version, agreed they were shorter than had been pointed out in the original review, made an edit and turned the light out. […]

  • Gerstmann and Davis launch new podcast

    Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis, the two high profile departures from Gamespot after last year’s Lynchgate review horror, have launched a new podcast called Arrow Pointing Down. We’re going to listen to it later. Apparently the audio quality’s terrible, but the kids don’t care. Have a listen.

  • GDC: Mario Kart Wii playtests hit web

    Both Gamespot and IGN have posted extensive playtests of Mario Kart Wii today, so if you’re up for ploughing through about 20,000 words on a Nintendo racer, you’re in luck. Gamespot got very excited about the whole thing, saying it was “pleased” with the game. There’s no solid release date from either site other than […]

  • Gamespot could change Lost Odyssey score

    According to this, Gamespot may change the score on its Lost Odyssey review because load times in the retail version may differ from those in the review code the site was given by Microsoft. “We will be purchasing retail copies of Lost Odyssey this morning at our local EBGames,” said the game’s reviewer on the […]

  • GameStop to carry AIAS award badges

    There’s no stopping “the Academy”. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, organiser of the self-styled videogames Oscars, has confirmed that US retailer GameStop is going to badge games with the awards they won this week at DICE in Las Vegas at the 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. This means CoD4 will now carry a […]

  • Iwata: 10 million VC downloads doesn't mean end of discs

    Speaking in a Gamespot interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that 10 million games have been downloaded from Wii’s Virtual Console system, but that he doesn’t believe downloaded content will replace retail discs in the current console cycle. “The current state of affairs is that the Virtual Console saw over 10 million downloads by […]

  • Davis: "Gerstmann firing destroyed me"

    Gamespot staffer Ryan Davis has said that Jeff Gerstmann’s sacking from the site last November signalled the end of his time at the site, at which he’d worked since 2000. “Jeff’s firing just destroyed me, and I think it shed a light on the other stuff that I had been kind of rolling along with,” […]

  • Ryan Davis quits Gamespot as Gerstmann fallout continues

    Long-time staffer Ryan Davis is to leave Gamespot, says this, the reason apparently being the November departure of Jeff Gerstmann following a 6/10 review for Kane & Lynch. The news brings the tally of lost staff due to the incident to four, if Gerstmann himself is included. New editor-in-chief Ricardo Torres confirmed the decision. Davis […]

  • New Gamespot ed "taken aback" by Gerstmann sacking

    In his first interview since being promoted to editor-in-chief of US site Gamespot, Ricardo Torres has admitted that the high profile departure of long-time editorial boss Jeff Gerstmann could have been handled “differently”. “We were all pretty taken aback and surprised by how it all went down,” he said, speaking in this interview. “Hindsight’s always […]

  • Gamespot names new editor-in-chief

    Ricardo Torres is to be Gamespot’s new editor-in-chief, the US site has announced, replacing Jeff Gerstmann after a torrid departure last November. Torres was previously editorial director for the site (isn’t that a step backwards?) and has done loads of awesome stuff, like being “instrumental in bringing the GameSpot audience groundbreaking live coverage of the […]

  • There must be more to Gerstmann “firing”, says EGM editor

    EGM editor Dan Hsu (who recently spoke out about untoward treatment towards his magazine from Ubisoft, “Sony’s sport department” and Midway) has reached the common sense conclusion that there was more to the Jeff Gerstmann “sacking” from Gamespot than meets the eye. “I’d be really surprised if what everyone thinks happened really happened,” he said, […]

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