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Gamespot UK gets redesign, gives HD player to all

Gamespot UK’s announced a site revamp, including a new HD player for all users and new contextual navigation features.“In re-designing GameSpot UK, we are looking to make the site more dynamic and engaging than ever before,” said GSUK’s Laura Jenner.“With platforms and games reaching ever-higher levels of quality, we have seen an explosion in the […]

12 years ago

Gamespot Uk headlines

  • Gamespot UK suffers lay-offs

    According to this GI report, CNET has laid off staff in the UK due to “current market conditions,” a move that’s hit Gamespot UK.“We have recently reviewed the structure of our company,” a spokesperson said. “Due to current market conditions and the changing needs of the business we reviewed our team structure to ensure we […]

    13 years ago
  • Gamespot claims 3.5 million users per month in the UK

    It’s Euro web-war, kids. Gamespot UK today claimed it has 3.5 million unique users (UUs) in the UK, quoting ABCe figures from December.“The gaming industry has seen explosive growth over the last 12 months, with new game launches such as Halo 3 far outstripping the majority of film openings in terms of first-day sales,” said […]

    13 years ago